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It’s Gardening Season! March 12, 2018

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IMG_5401  I’ve been planting pansies in the sunny corner of my garden.

IMG_5400  Katerina lurked nearby.


Two Northern Flickers October 10, 2017

Northern Flicker feeding young ones  photo credit: internet

I spotted 2 Northern Flickers in our garden this morning.  Exciting to have them reappear after an absence of a few months.


My Garden Looks Bare …… September 23, 2017

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My garden looks bare without the tomato plants.



Before The Rain September 17, 2017

IMG_4390  getting the last of the sun’s rays this morning


Rain Is In The Forecast

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My star in the garden – it has been quietly blooming all summer.  Still going strong while everything else in the garden is shutting down.


Summer Is Fading September 7, 2017

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IMG_4312  Last of the summer flowers – cosmos

IMG_4309  It’s back to school time – that’s grandson Ethan on the left – in 3rd grade in a brand new school

IMG_4307  son James and grandson Sean marching in to 2nd grade

IMG_4301  reflecting on the new library

IMG_4304  preschool lineup – in a hazy atmosphere  (smoke and ash from nearby wildfires)

IMG_4310 one of my favorite cats has reappeared


Early September Colors In My Garden September 2, 2017

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IMG_4250          IMG_4251

IMG_4252         IMG_4253

IMG_4254        IMG_4255