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Ancestor Count Update July 21, 2017

The ancestor count has now reached 6000.  Can you believe it?  And I’m not finished yet.

Church in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk  Church in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk England


More About The Nine Generations Chart May 3, 2017



In reality my 9 Generations Chart has a few gaps in the tree, starting with Generation 7 where there are 10 ancestors missing.

Generation 7 should have 64 ancestors   but there are only 54 identified


Generation 1 – Me

Generation 2 – My Parents

Generation 3 – My Grandparents   4 people

Generation 4 – My Great Grandparents  8 people

Generation 5 – My Great Great Grandparents  16 people

Generation 6 – My 3X Great Grandparents  32 people

Generation 7 – My 4X Great Grandparents   64 people

Generation 8 – My 5X Great Grandparents   128 people

Generation 9 – My 6X Great Grandparents   256 people

Ideally there should be 511 people on the tree

I searched again for the missing parents of Agnes Lee.  Agnes Lee is in Generation 6. No luck in finding her missing parents in Generation 7.  So that means I’m also missing her 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents in generations 8 and 9.  Things compound rapidly.



Genealogy – Blog 3 – My Chart July 9, 2015

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latest scarf 002 This is my board covered with post-its of the ancestors.  Each color represents a different generation. Just looking at where a person comes in the ladder of parent to child doesn’t always correspond to the times lived in by the majority of others on that rung.   There are some anomalies but I’ll try to explain them where they occur.

The strong yellow post-its represent my grandparents.

The green my great grandparents.

The orange my great great grandparents.

The pale yellow my great great great grandparents.                      chart 005

The pink my 4greats grandparents.

The light purple my 5greats grandparents.

The deep red my 6greats grandparents.

The deep purple my 7greats grandparents

The pale blue my 8greats grandparents