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An Ancestor Who Lived In Plantagenet Times December 4, 2017

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Sir John Le Carter 1364-1446 was my 16th Great Grandfather.  (Note:  He was also a GGF to President Jimmy Carter)



Ancestor Count Keeps Climbing November 28, 2017

Over Thanksgiving weekend the number of ancestors I have identified passed the 7000 mark.  Read the Plantagenets book – finished at last – I found that some of the players mentioned are also to be found in my genealogy.  e.g. George Latimer Neville





Current Reading November 23, 2017

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9781101606285_p0_v2_s600x595IMG_4763  rotate this photo please  – sorry

My current reading is pretty heavy going …….but readable enough to keep me going.  Now to identify which of my ancestors lived during the turbulent reigns of the Plantagenets in the 13th and 14th centuries.


Coat Of Arms – An Art Form November 19, 2017

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b51db1f3-a10e-40dc-b930-140da0bf2e2f  Gerard Coat of Arms     Sir Peter Gerard was my 15th Great Grandfather


My 13th Great Grandfather November 13, 2017

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Is it true that one of my Great Grandfathers – a 13th Great Grandfather – .  was King James II of Scotland.  Amazing!  Genealogy research is fascinating.

James_II_of_Scotland_17th_century   James II of Scotland

Photo credit:  Wikipedia





More Genealogy November 5, 2017

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Please note on this list – Isaac Allerton and his wife Mary and their 3 children Bartholemew, Remember, and Mary.  Remember was 5 years old.  Eventually she became my 9th Great Grandmother

Also, Myles Standish, my 8th Great Grandfather.


Exciting Genealogical Discovery November 4, 2017

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IMG_4647  I am currently reading an historical novel, The Hearth and the Eagle by Anya Seton.  The author did a substantial amount of research on the history of Marblehead Massachusetts and this research formed the basis for her novel.  Imagine my excitement when I read the name Isaac Allerton and thought that sounded familiar.  Yes, he was my ancestor – my 10th Great Grandfather and he came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.  Isaac Allerton plays a key role in the early life of the main figure in this novel.  Read on!

Anya Seton is no longer alive; she did her research in the 1940’s.   But the story she has woven comes so close to the bone when I discover that one of my ancestors is playing a significant part.  How I wish Anya Seton were alive today and we could meet.

I know that a good number of my ancestors were early settlers in the coastal areas of New England but to find one actually developed in a novel is rather special.