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The Cape Ann June 24, 2011

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       Here is a lovely book that I found 2nd hand here in Seattle.  Copyright 1988, published in this Penguin edition in 1989.  I was attracted by the cover – an Edward Hopper painting, Hodgkin’s House, Cape Ann, Massachusetts.  I thought the story would be set in New England.  That is not the case…..no, the setting is the Northern Midwest near the end of the Great Depression.  The narrator is 6 years old.  Her mother has a dream of owning her own home – she and her daughter have identified the Cape Ann house in a house catalog.  Their plans keep getting thwarted.  It is a wonderful story and I could hardly put it down.  I didn’t want to let it go.

A while ago I wrote a blog about Edward Hopper.

Now I’m in the mood to read about another artist.     So this is the book I have selected from my shelf of unreads.  Again a book I found 2nd hand here in Seattle.  Georgia O’Keeffee lived a long life, 1887-1986.  Her life touched 3 generations – my grandparents, my parents, and my generation.  I don’t really know much about her, just that she is a famous artist, and her work is widely known.   

The Hurtigruten ship I wrote about has completed its epic journey.  But Wimbledon is now in progress.  What bliss to alternate between watching/listening to Wimbledon matches and reading this book.  Would that life could be so simple.

On the subject of books, I’m trying to reconstruct in my memory a list of titles I read as a teenager or maybe preteen.  I’ve got as far as Armstrong Sperry and his books All Sails Set and Call It Courage and Wagons Westward.   There were other books about the whalers and the pioneers by other authors.   

Eventually I discovered Willa Cather, Sinclair Lewis, Ernest Hemingway.  Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea was published in magazine form and I remember reclining out in the backyard being engrossed in reading that.  The list will grow.