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Finding Ancestors March 5, 2016

My genealogy research is very interesting to say the least, at least to me.  I am particularly keen now because I am finding a lot of ancestors buried near where I went to college – Middleburg Vermont.  Huldah Goodale, Mercy Goodale, Chloe Willmarth.  When I bicycled out into the surrounding countryside little did I know that some of my ancestors lied buried in the old graveyards.  First Weybridge Hill Cemetery, Advent-Smith Cemetery Addison County, Congregational Cemetery Addison Cemetery.

Old Guernsey Lady Knitting smaller size


It’s All Too Easy

Here I am, housebound recovering from hip replacement surgery.  I’m finding it all too easy to buy books to add to my genealogy collection.  Just search on Amazon.com and lo and behold – there’s a great book – the virtual bookstore!  Here are some of my finds.

A book about Nantucket

A book about the descendants of Widow Elizabeth Curtiss

A book about the wave of English ancestors coming to America in the 1600’s

Pictures to follow.  I have photos of each book  but I haven’t figured how to access my photo files and show them on my blog.

Pictures of my cat yes.  solstice 016


Tracing Another Immigrant February 4, 2016

immigrant ship  My 10th great-grandfather Sir John Drake was born in England in 1585.  At age 45 he sailed for America on the “Mary and John” and landed at Nantasket just north of Boston.  He became a Freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Later he settled in the area just north of Hartford.  He died in 1659 and is buried in Palisado Cemetery In Windsor Connecticut.




Following The Pilgrims January 31, 2016

pilgrims image                  pilgrims_film_landing-date  What a marvelous program we saw last night.  One of the best.  It was a PBS DVD from the American Experience series.  Most of the broad outline was familiar but this film portrayed it so well that it is now more firmly fixed in my mind (I hope!)  And I learned a lot as well.  Furthermore it tied in well with my genealogy research.

?Did you know that one of the men on the Mayflower was swept overboard but miraculously was rescued and went on to survive the first harsh winter etc and father 10 children.  He had 88 grandchildren, more than 500 great grandchildren and his subsequent descendants number in the tens of thousands – including Humphrey Bogart, Bob Hope, and both Bush Presidents.  I wonder if I can find myself among the millions of descendants living today.  The search goes on.


Mary Fithin 6x Great Grandmother January 11, 2016

Mary Fithan Murdock Old Burying Ground Westbrook Conn  Mary Fithin Murdock, Old Burial Ground, Westbrook Connecticut

6th Great Grandmother

Did she spell her name Fithin or Fithian?

Old Burying Ground Cemetery Westbrook Conn

Old Burying Ground Cemetery Westbrook Connecticut



Searching Cemeteries September 29, 2015

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I am traveling here in Connecticut.  We are passing lots of cemeteries – wish we had more time to stop to look more closely at the headstones.  I’m sure I would find some of my ancestors.