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It’s Time For A Latest Knitting Post October 7, 2017

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IMG_4510  Hats and scarves – green and brown


Another Hat/Beanie September 12, 2017

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IMG_4315  Knitting continues rain (of which we have had none) or shine (of which we have had plenty).


Back To Greens And Yellows July 29, 2017

IMG_3956  Shades of green and yellow – Knitted Hat 12


A New Color Combination July 21, 2017

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IMG_3812  Progress on a new series of simple hats.  A change from the green and yellow series.

IMG_3748  11 green and yellow caps all in a row



Knitting in the News June 10, 2017

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IMG_3425  This article was in the Seattle Times today.  The featured knitter is 100 years old and still going strong, knitting sweaters  for babies in need.

This knitter, not quite 100 yet, has reverted to knitting hats.    IMG_3422             IMG_3423

I’m out of practice.  Could do better!


Knitting Knitting Knitting January 12, 2016

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IMG_9117            IMG_9427

IMG_9598          IMG_9602

Maybe I should knit a few hats.  I feel inspired after watching a Arne & Carlos video.



A Bit of Knitting, a Bit of Reading November 2, 2011

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Well, I’ve managed to finish a couple of works-in-progress.  Very simple projects.   A scarf knit with some of the nice yarn I bought over at Churchmouse Yarns in Bainbridge.  And a simple crochet hat – just in time for the colder weather ccoming.  …… a very dark photo – I’ll try for a daylight photo tomorrow.  (p.s. daylight photo below – a sunny morning – hooray!)

More interesting possibly has been my reading.  First a book written by Evelyn Ames back in 1967 when she took a month long safari with friends and a guide to explore parts of East Africa.  The illustrations are by Victor Ambrus, another name from the past.  Evelyn Ames is a poet and a writer.   Her writing reflects an inner sensitivity to the experiences that she is having in seeing the wildlife of East Africa as it was then over 40 years ago.  We were in East Africa at that time and were fortunate to be able to travel extensively to remote areas.  But the wildlife was only part of our experience.  With the Evelyn Ames book, as the title, A Glimpse of Eden, implies, her emphasis in on the wildlife in its natural state.  And she wonders what the natural scene in East Africa will be in 50 years time.  Very different I am sure although I can’t personally testify to that.  According to the blurb on the dust jacket, her writing is compared with that of Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) for capturing the essence of Africa.  I am such a fan of Isak Dinesen – I’m not sure that Evelyn Ames is in the same class. Nor did Evelyn in a 2 month private safari, become a part of the fabric of life in East Africa.  I don’t think the books compare at all.   Still, I would recommend reading the book if you happen to come across it.



Getting Ready for the Solstice June 18, 2011

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The days are getting longer and brighter.  The summer solstice is going to be here before we know it.  My friend Freyalyn has finished her garment making for Stonehenge – see her blog for pictures etc.  The big Fremont Fair and the Solstice Parade  are scheduled for this weekend.  Lots of blue body paint is being collected in preparation.  I have a few photos from the 2009 event.   I just have to figure out how to access them.  They were on the old computer in Dublin and they all got saved and hopefully transferred to this computer.   The Solstice Fair was a big event so I hope I can find those big pictures.  Meanwhile here is a photo from 2009, kindly supplied by Susan, DIL.        Two grandaughters wearing their new dresses and their new guitars  – treats  from the Fair, 2009  

In case you might think I have not been doing any knitting lately – (1) here is a postcard I received today.


(2)  Here is what I have been doing instead: crochet blankets and a crochet hat – ends not sewn in yet – it’s like the editing for my autobiography – have to get around to it, and have to get around to sewing in the ends to my knit and crochet items


THE HAT COLLECTION November 4, 2009

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Mary Shiel's potatoes 048  my collection of handknit hats

At Kilternan Market last Saturday a friend inquired whether I had any more hats in addition to the 5 I had on display at the Market.  I told her I had a few at home and we agreed that I would bring them in to the Knitting and Stitching Show to let her see them.  When I got home and looked at my collection I realized that I had more than a few – 32 to be exact.  That’s a lot of knitting.  These new self-striping yarns are so addictive!

I’m happy to report that I am now minus 3 of the hats in the collection thanks to purchases by my friend and a friend of my friend.


Where Has All The Knitting Gone? October 24, 2009

Regular readers of this blog might be wondering if I am still knitting, what with all my rambling on other topics.  Don’t despair – I’m still knitting – knitting on trains, planes, cars – knitting while watching tv, knitting in between uploading photos (thanks to a slow computer), knitting while reading, etc.  I’ve had a change from doing hats and have been working on a couple of larger than usual projects. 

The brown short sleeve sweater I was working on a while ago has morphed into a tank top and as soon as I’ve sewn the ends, it will make its appearance.

When I was in Connecticut I bought a pattern for a child’s skirt.  I knit round and round and round on that, and now it is waiting for the final sewing of the loose ends.  Soon to appear.  The skirt will match this hat, knit with Noro yarn and Icelandic Lodband.


Another hat knit with Noro and Lodband


And just to have some plain knitting on the go, I am working on another tank top – this one in a nice solid green.  Maybe one-third done.

Usually I find time to knit on Saturday morning at Kilternan Market, but this morning I was so busy that I didn’t have a chance.  Sales in the craft section were brisk.  Hooray.  Of course, being adjacent to the vegetables, we get a chance to sell a few of those too.  I am happy to report that a pair of my handknit socks and one of my notecards were among the sales.  As my woodturner friend at the Market said, it’s these little sales that keep us going.


  Socks from stash yarn  Socks knit from stash yarn


  My stash of knitting yarn, March 2008


stash assessment brightest 

The stash is considerably reduced from when this photo was taken – I’ll change that to considerably altered – I’ve probably added as much yarn as I’ve used up.  But when I sell something at the Market, e.g. socks, then I immediately want to knit more of that particular item, in different colours of course.  You can probably read between the lines and conclude that all those hats I knit recently have yet to find heads to rest on.