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Find Of The Day October 6, 2015

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I’m distantly related to Laura Ingalls Wilder!  Evidence follows.

Time for Norsk class now.  Must prepare myself to be a Norskie.

bddc5d46-0333-413b-9547-af934f898c1d Edmund Ingalls


Henry Ingalls, 1586-1648 October 3, 2015

Old North Parish Burying Ground                                                                     Old North Parish Burying Ground  Henry Ingalls – buried in the Old North Parish Burying Ground. Andover Massachusetts

I wish I had been able to visit this cemetery when I was in New England.    Henry is just one of my many ancestors buried in New England soil.  He was my     Great Grandfather.  His father, Edmund Ingalls, was born in Lincolnshire England.  He left England for America arriving in Salem in 1629.   He resided in Lynn from that time until his death in 1648, age 62.

How many other ancestors came to America in the early 1600″s?  I intend to try to find them and to establish their circumstances when they made the decision to emigrate.

Home of Edmund Ingalls - Painting of Lynn, MA