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How We Met March 27, 2017

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A few years ago, 18 to be more precise, I wrote a memoir which I called 8 Countries, 62 years.  Now at age 80 I plan to write the sequel and fill in a few gaps.  Yesterday at church coffee hour I was asked the conversation starter question – how did you meet the man you married – or words to that effect.

It’s a long story – or a very short story.

Step 1 – we met in Kenya in August 1966.


IMG  Ian at the Nairobi Show, September 1966


Miscellany April 30, 2016

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IMG_0182  Spring flowering tree

IMG_0169  We mrt a friendly cat after my husband had his hair cut

IMG_0171  She was a sweetie

13087765_751017114998642_7825598059881889364_n  but this cat looks menacing – it’s all in the coloring

mt-pleasant_pc_500_72  a grand old New England hotel of a bygone era