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Childrens Authors and Illustrators March 4, 2010

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When I am in London, I like to visit the National Portrait Gallery.  The above is a photo of a book I found a few years ago in the shop there.  This is only one of the many books I have paused to look at more closely as I proceed with the unpacking.  Today I was searching this  book to find if there was anything there about Arthur Rackham.  No, there wasn’t anything so I concluded that he was primarily an illustrator – a very famous one in the world of children’s literature.  The reason I was looking for information about him was that when I was at Ophelia’s Books in Fremont the other day I purchased  one of his illustrations.             It is from Sleeping Beauty and it is a lovely pen and wash print.  I am delighted with it.  It will be part of my collection of pieces of art with a textile theme.