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Practice Piece For a Series About My Immigrant Ancestors April 7, 2018

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I’m going to call these pieces Settlers Stories.  Here’s Settlers Stories #1



Settlers Stories


James Hosmer, my 8th Great Grandfather



James was born in Cambridge Mass to his father James Hosmer Sr and 2nd wife Mary.  James Sr was actually the immigrant having arrived in Boston/Cambridge 2 years before in 1635, my 9th Great Grandfather.  James Sr has a colorful story but it was his son we write about below.

Concord Men Slain By Indians – Wayland, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA – Find A Grave Memorial# 52302008 [From Footnote: 2 Captain Hugh Mason’s company from Watertown went to the succor of Wadsworth’s command, and their account of finding the bodies of five Concord men on the east side of the river is as follows: — ” On the next day in the morning, so soon as it was light, we went to look for Concord men who were slain in the river meadow, and there we went in the cold water up to our knees, where we found 5, and brought them in canoes to the bridge-foot and buried them there.”]

James was the eldest child of James and Ellen (?) Hosmer. James was to inherit the Hosmer farm in Concord, and when he married Sara White another house was built for him and his new bride on the Hosmer farm lot. This was very near the Fitchburg Railroad bridge over the north branch of the Assabet River. This home remained in the family until 1870. James led a peaceful existence at the farm until Spring of 1676 when Indians began attacking families in his area in an attempt to wipe out the entire white settlement in this area of Concord and Sudbury. James answered the call to arms. “Arriving near the garrison house of Walter Haynes, they were decoyed into an ambush and several were killed. James stayed in the fight as long as possible, but when it was evident that the fight was lost he fled. It was while he was swimming across the river that he was shot and killed. At a stone post placed at the scene of the fight his name heads the list of those who lost their lives in this battle of King Philip’s War.

image james hosmer memorial






Beauty In Weathered Gravestones July 29, 2017

Zachariah Walker  Gravestone for Zechariah Walker, South Cemetery, Woodbury, Lichfield County, Connecticut

Zechariah Walker was my 8th Great Grandfather.  He was born in Boston in 1637, died in 1699, in Woodbury Connecticut at age 63.

His parents were born in England and married in Boston in 1635.  His mother came to America in 1630.  She lived first in Salem.  I haven’t been able to determine when his father immigrated to America.

I like the way this gravestone has weathered – beautiful.


William Tuttle – My 9X Great Grandfather May 14, 2017

William Tuttle  William Tuttle, 1607-1673   departed Northampton England to sail on the “Planter” to arrive in Boston 1635.  He was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth and 3 children.  Later he settled in New Haven.


Marker – Founders Bridge – Wepawaug River – Milford Connecticut May 8, 2017

Henry Botsford Founders Bridge Wepawaug River


This marker is for my 9th Great Grandfather.  This is intriguing because I vaguely remember visiting relations named Botsford in the Boston area.  I will pursue this further.


A Lady In Virginia April 19, 2017

Lady Lucy Higginson Burwell Lady Lucy Higginson Burwell

Lewis Fairfield Burwell  Lewis Fairfield Burwell

Early settlers in the area that later became Williamsburg Virginia

These are my 8X Great Grandparents


1619 Marriage In Cambridge England March 5, 2017

all-saints-church-cambridge  This is All Saints Church in England where my 9X Great Grandparents were married in 1619.  They emigrated  to North America in 1623 on the ship “Anne & Little James”.  They were early settlers in Plymouth Colony.


In The Mercantile Trade October 20, 2016

matthew-beckwith    A description of my 8th Great Grandfather Matthew Beckwith, a man of means.  The term planter meant


The Arbella – Flagship of the Winthrop Fleet – 1630 October 17, 2016


In 1630 some of my ancestors came to America on this ship – and others in the Winthrop fleet.


Tech Problems Solved – I Couldn’t Post Photos To My Blog – Now I Can Again September 16, 2016

img_1300  The path of the Winthrop Fleet across the Atlantic from England to New England in 1630

Illustration credit: The Winthrop Fleet of 1630 by Charles Edward Banks, 1930


Theddlethorpe England August 3, 2016

Theddlethorpe map map of Theddlethorpe England – h0me to some of my ancestors

I find this an intriguing name.  In the 17th century my 9th Great Grandfather left this part of England to come to southern Maine in New England.