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Immigrant Ship July 27, 2016

Immigrant Ship lyon

One of the Immigrant ships sailing between England and America


An Ancestor Who Arrived In Virginia February 24, 2016

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Can this be true?  I thought all my ancestors who came to America in the 1600’s came to New England.  Now I have found two who came to Virginia.  James Miller Sr and his wife Lady Janet Melvin arrived in Virginia in 1637.  Will investigate this aberration further.

       William Cullen Bryant – he comes a bit later in the genealogy


immigrant ship


Weaving Through My Genealogy February 23, 2016

What a maze.  I’m trying to document in particular the ancestors who came to America.  Born in England and came to New England – Boston, Connecticut – in the 1600’s.  There is a lot of information there – lots of documentation, lots of cemeteries!  Trying to get my head around it all is a bit mind-boggling to say the least.  I sometimes feel as if I am reinventing the wheel.

All Sail Set  This illustration reflects a time in the 1800’s but the spirit of adventure is the same as that of 200 years prior.  And the Sperry family was among my ancestors who came to New Haven Connecticut in the 1600’s.


Coming To America February 8, 2016

Immigrant Ancestor Ship 3-1    Lady Elizabeth Rogers born in Devonshire England in 1581, married in England in 1615, came to America in 16    , died in Windsor Connecticut 1681.


Lady Elizabeth Rogers – Another Immigrant February 5, 2016

immigrant ship  Lady Elizabeth Rogers was born in 1586 in Dorset England.  She arrived in America at Nantasket north of Boston in 1630.  She made her way to Windsor Connecticut where she died in 1681.  She is buried along with her husband John Drake in Palisado Cemetery.

IMG                          IMG



Genealogy Symbols January 13, 2016

I’m quite fascinated by the various symbols I’m finding in my genealogical searches.  For example:

immigrant ship        English Immigrant  English Immigrant

Immigrant Ancestor Ship 3-1