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Another Jigsaw Puzzle Finished June 15, 2018

IMG_1973  A work in progress 1000 pieces Shakespeare’s Britain



IMG_2152  Completed puzzle – very enjoyable to do, the pieces were of excellent quality, however one needed super duper eyesight to read place names etc – I no longer have super duper eyesight





Geography Lesson June 1, 2018

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IMG_1963              IMG_1962

This is the jigsaw puzzle I am currently working on.  A wonderful challenge.  And it’s a good tool for learning the geography of Britain.  A supplement to my genealogy work.  I never rest.


Katerina Is Always Puzzling May 6, 2018

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IMG_1604 endearing isn’t she


Cats, Cats, Even Jigsaw Puzzles April 21, 2018

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IMG_1401  750 piece jigsaw – completed


Another Jigsaw – A Painting By L. S. Lowry March 23, 2018

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IMG_5450  1000 pieces – it’s getting harder – now I have to do white areas and put bits of busy people together


IMG_5449  Katerina doesn’t really fit in the puzzle box


Hopper Puzzle ALMOST Finished March 15, 2018

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IMG_5409  that last piece doesn’t fit!!  also there is some juggling to do with the 2 edge pieces

the all black section took a long time and much juggling of the pieces

Later in the day –   IMG_5412  FINISHED


Edward Hopper Puzzle – Chop Suey March 12, 2018

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IMG_5398  Will I ever finish this puzzle? – it was relatively easy and enjoyable to do the first 900 pieces.  The final 100 are DIFFICULT AND SLOW.


Edward Hopper Paintings And Puzzles February 26, 2018

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Another Edward Hopper Painting February 23, 2018

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IMG_5257       IMG_5258

Chop Suey – 1000 pieces


Another Edward Hopper Painting January 27, 2018

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edward_hopper_gas  Wouldn’t this make a wonderful jigsaw puzzle?  I wish.