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Trying To Put My Papers In Order October 12, 2017

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IMG_4531  Big filing exercise – the cat participated   IMG_4532       IMG_4533


This One Got Away October 6, 2017

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IMG_4497  The cat appeared with this bird in its jaws.  She dropped the bird and then toyed with it.  The bird played possum and eventually outwitted the cat and escaped minus a few feathers.  So glad, she was beautiful.


Katerina Has A New Place For Her Naps

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IMG_4486  Well fed at last – phew


My Pal Katerina September 28, 2017

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Working On The Next Puzzle September 23, 2017

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IMG_4418  Katerina likes this one!

IMG_4415    What a scamp!


More Trivia September 21, 2017

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IMG_4396  puzzle finished – was enjoyable, actually compulsive – time-wasting?

IMG_4397  Katerina must be satisfied with her breakfast – she is occupying chair #2

IMG_4391   Yesterday – Katerina ousted me from chair #1 – MY CHAIR


Trivia September 19, 2017

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IMG_4392  a simpler puzzle than the previous one, only 550 pieces

IMG_4391   Katerina has taken my seat – again!