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Puzzle Mayhem December 10, 2017

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IMG_4872  Turn my back for a second and the cat pounces – is she deliberately doing this?  I did get her the cat food she likes – her action is inexcusable!


Trying To Work On The Jigsaw Puzzle December 8, 2017

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IMG_4842          IMG_4846

IMG_4845           IMG_4843

IMG_4844           IMG_4841

Needless to say, Katerina was not the ideal puzzling companion.  In fact she delighted in rolling on the pieces, scratching herself and the puzzle pieces and pulling  the puzzle apart.  All for a bit of attention and hope for something more to eat.  Love that cat!


Where Was Katerina Going? November 28, 2017

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IMG_4783           IMG_4782


A New Rug November 21, 2017

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IMG_4732                   IMG_4733     I think Katerina approves of my purchase.  It is a  sort of blue and grey mix rag rug.  Made from selvedge scraps  from the Pendleton Woollen Mills in Oregon.  What am I doing buying a rag rug you might ask.  Well, I no longer have my Glimakra loom to weave one myself, and I guess I just plain liked it.


Katerina Has A New Perch

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What better way to supervise  my dinner preparations.  I don’t know how she got up there nor how she got down.  I think I now have a cat that can fly!


Cat Contentment November 16, 2017

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IMG_4718      IMG_4719

Katerina well fed and having a rest.


Katerina Wins Every Time November 13, 2017

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IMG_4670  She thinks she’s cute – trying to get my attention – and then scatter the puzzle pieces in all directions.  She thinks it’s a wonderful game.  After a few rounds I manage to grab her without getting clawed and put her out.  Even in the rain!  Then she comes meowing outside the bedroom window at 2 a.m.  I relent, get up and let her in, meow meow…………at 4:00 a.m. she wants to go out again!  I love that cat!