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Spotting Katerina August 18, 2017

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IMG_4108  Look hard in the burnt out grass in my neighbor’s garden – that dot is Katerina.  Come home I called.  (she did)


Katerina Has A New Tactic August 14, 2017

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IMG_4085 How do I get anything done??  I love my cat!


Heat Wave July 31, 2017

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IMG_3968  beating the heat – Katerina finds a shady spot


My Cat Is Queen July 26, 2017

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IMG_3888  Determination – Queen Katerina is on a mission in the early morning sun


Was It My New Haircut? June 14, 2017

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I returned home today following having my haircut.  Nothing radical – just a bit shorter.  I went to the back window/door  and saw the cat – BRIEFLY.  When she saw me she leapt out of her box and ran like a streak of lightening across the deck, leaped up on the railing and jumped three feet across the gap to disappear in the foliage of the neighboring trees.  How could she do this???  I was really scared that she had come to grief – a broken leg? or worse?  Well about 5 minutes later I was relieved to see her sitting on the fence post on the opposite side of the house.  She proceeded to come up the stairs to the deck but she was obviously quite shaken – and very wary of the slightest sound.  Cautiously she sniffed around the deck and eventually, gradually came inside.  She was breathing hard and I could almost see her still shaking.  A very scared cat.  What did she see??  or sense?? Had she been daydreaming??  And was suddenly startled to see me there?  I honestly don’t think it was my lovely new haircut.  Husbands and cats tend not to notice such things.

IMG_3449  Katerina in her box at a happier time


The Case Of The Disappearing Mouse June 3, 2017

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I pulled the bedroom curtain aside early this morning and sure enough there was the cat on the mat………but instead of stretching and reaching up to get in, the cat’s back was to me and she appeared to be eating/chewing on something.  A telltale tail was seen – thin, black.  O.K. she had a mouse – and she was busy.  No wish to come in.  I was a bit dismayed but at least the poor creature being devoured was not a bird.

I went upstairs and went out on the back deck and down the outside stairs to spy on the cat and its creature.  THEY WEREN”T  THERE.  Nor did they appear anywhere nearby.  Two hours later the cat appeared – alone – wanting her breakfast.

IMG_3179  sweet innocent Katerina

IMG_3176 a previous victim left on the mat


Is Katerina Now In Charge? May 2, 2017

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IMG_3079   I left my chair and next thing I knew Katerina was there – will she start a blog?  Or tell me she doesn’t like her latest brand of cat food?