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Free Range Hens January 12, 2018

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Free Range Hens - Kilternen Country Market       Free Range Hens at Kilternan Country Market, Ireland

These hens produce    Free range eggs



Two Exhibition Openings May 8, 2010

I have been to 2 Exhibition Openings this past week.  Both events are showcasing textiles by artists working in Ireland.  And each event was excellent.  My only disappointment was that I had nothing on display since most of my recent work is now in Seattle.   Nevermind, the shows gave me a lot of inspiration and I am eager to get weaving again.  And they also gave me a chance to meet up with many dear friends whom I had not seen for a long time.  Plus, it was especially heartening to receive comments like, “Oh Janet, hello, I still have one of your rugs………”  which I like to interpret as meaning I like your work and have fond memories of you.

The Exhibition Opening on Wednesday night was that of the Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers, held in Dalkey Castle Heritage Centre.  Here are a few samples from the Exhibition.

  woven tapestry

by Patricia Gellon

  woven wall panel,    paper, cotton        by Monika Auch

  woven tapestry,    cotton, wool, silk, hemp, viscose          by Terry Dunne

On Thursday night, the second Exhibition Opening took place.  This Exhibition was put on by the 595, aka 510, Group.  This Exhibition is in Dun Laoghaire and featured not only textiles but also ceramics and wire and art work in other media.  The Exhibition is in part retrospective and included a number of works which had previously been exhibited elsewhere.

  Orange Peel flowers, in wire     by Magda Rubalcava

  Mother and daughter woven tapestry, wool & cotton warp         by Magda Rubalcava

  Welcome Mat, handwoven rug in Mary O’Rourke’s handspun hand dyed Irish wool

     Butterfly Hunt, wool & cotton warp         by Magda Rubalcava

  Handwoven floor rug, cotton    by Beth Royds


THE HAT COLLECTION November 4, 2009

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Mary Shiel's potatoes 048  my collection of handknit hats

At Kilternan Market last Saturday a friend inquired whether I had any more hats in addition to the 5 I had on display at the Market.  I told her I had a few at home and we agreed that I would bring them in to the Knitting and Stitching Show to let her see them.  When I got home and looked at my collection I realized that I had more than a few – 32 to be exact.  That’s a lot of knitting.  These new self-striping yarns are so addictive!

I’m happy to report that I am now minus 3 of the hats in the collection thanks to purchases by my friend and a friend of my friend.


Where Has All The Knitting Gone? October 24, 2009

Regular readers of this blog might be wondering if I am still knitting, what with all my rambling on other topics.  Don’t despair – I’m still knitting – knitting on trains, planes, cars – knitting while watching tv, knitting in between uploading photos (thanks to a slow computer), knitting while reading, etc.  I’ve had a change from doing hats and have been working on a couple of larger than usual projects. 

The brown short sleeve sweater I was working on a while ago has morphed into a tank top and as soon as I’ve sewn the ends, it will make its appearance.

When I was in Connecticut I bought a pattern for a child’s skirt.  I knit round and round and round on that, and now it is waiting for the final sewing of the loose ends.  Soon to appear.  The skirt will match this hat, knit with Noro yarn and Icelandic Lodband.


Another hat knit with Noro and Lodband


And just to have some plain knitting on the go, I am working on another tank top – this one in a nice solid green.  Maybe one-third done.

Usually I find time to knit on Saturday morning at Kilternan Market, but this morning I was so busy that I didn’t have a chance.  Sales in the craft section were brisk.  Hooray.  Of course, being adjacent to the vegetables, we get a chance to sell a few of those too.  I am happy to report that a pair of my handknit socks and one of my notecards were among the sales.  As my woodturner friend at the Market said, it’s these little sales that keep us going.


  Socks from stash yarn  Socks knit from stash yarn


  My stash of knitting yarn, March 2008


stash assessment brightest 

The stash is considerably reduced from when this photo was taken – I’ll change that to considerably altered – I’ve probably added as much yarn as I’ve used up.  But when I sell something at the Market, e.g. socks, then I immediately want to knit more of that particular item, in different colours of course.  You can probably read between the lines and conclude that all those hats I knit recently have yet to find heads to rest on.


Still Knitting at Age 99 June 7, 2009

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Readers of this blog know that I try to go to Kilternan Country Market every Saturday morning.  I have been a member since January 1984.  The Market had humble beginnings in a caravan in 1964.   It moved to its present premises in 1968.  Very few of the original members are still with us.  So far as I know, the only original member still with us is member no. 5.  The numbering now goes up to 344.  My number is 268.

The oldest member in terms of age had her 99th birthday in April.  She is no longer able to come to the Market each week but she occasionally still sends a knitted item – usually a large doll in detailed colorful dress.  

Move to Seattle Alison, age 99 and still knitting, the picture and the article about Alison appeared in the June issue of our local magazine, Panorama.  The party was held at Kilternan Market.  Alison is in the foreground in her wheelchair and Market members are grouped behind  her.