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Latest Knitting March 6, 2018

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IMG_5326  Is it a blanket? shawl? curtain?


A Painting To View February 19, 2018

6a00d83452615669e200e54f4c6e148834-115si   Virginia Wolff Knitting, a portrait done by her sister Vanessa Bell, 1912.  This painting is in The National Portrait Gallery in London.  I was recently in London visiting family and friends.  Number 1 on my list of things I wanted to do – if I was on my own – was to visit the National Portrait Gallery.  Well the visit with family and friends was completely taken up with wonderful activities which did not include the NPG.  Save that for next time.  There is so much to do in London!!!


Sunshine At Last February 4, 2018

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IMG_5135  sun shining on my ongoing knitting project – I have in mind a wide mesh curtain which will allow some sunlight to filter through.  I think it’s almost finished.  I have to find my tape measure to assess.  If it fails as a curtain it could be a blanket.  You might call this mindless knitting while reading or watching television.  It’s also making a slight dent in my stash.


Unfinished Knitting January 9, 2018

IMG_4898  Unfinished object – I need help to get the sleeves fitting neatly – and I need to work on the neck

Another unfinished object – it’s easier to work on this puzzle than to figure out what I have to do with my knitting



Unfinished Objects – Knitting December 14, 2017

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IMG_4898 Just one of my many unfinished knitting projects.  It’s just too tempting to leap into the next project before I really finish the current one.  New Year’s resolution – Tackle this issue!


Images of Reading December 9, 2017

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20992854_10214264136457771_7477828268968732139_n  do you think my granddaughter has the right idea?   a book, the cat companion, a favorite drink

edward hopper room in new york 1932  or this man reading the newspaper in the painting by Edward Hopper

DSC00186  reading and knitting – the right combination for me – Dublin 1998?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  In this case the reader took the picture – a sunny day in Dundrum – a good time for reading in the garden

knitting-al-fresco  Reading al fresco in the conservatory under construction, Dundrum 2009

knitting-and-reading.thumbnail   reading at home

25445985_1513584588755810_1478472452409792223_n  artist unknown

25352269_10214404184680161_1871234721452464605_o   sweet photo courtesy of a Facebook friend




Finished But Not Blocked November 28, 2017

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Shawl in the making  IMG_4777




(futile attempt at an over-the-shoulder selfie)