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The Old Homestead May 29, 2017

IMG_3259  the house where I grew up in Belmont Massachusetts, photo taken in May 2017

This is how the house looked when I visited this past week during my trip to Boston.  I don’t know the present owners.  My mother sold the house in the late 1960’s when she moved to Hawaii and I was in Kenya.  My sisters and I have visited the neighborhood several times since then and just reminisced about all the good times we shared there.  My father was the first owner of the house, built in 1926-27.  This neighborhood was part of a new housing development built on the Benton Estate.  Belmont was still a rural town  with many farms not far from the center of Boston.

In May 2017 the house was looking pretty much the same as in the 1940’s when I was growing up.  The most striking difference to me was the landscaping around our house and in fact all around the neighborhood.  Everything was looking very crisp – and beautiful.  It had always been a nice looking neighborhood in earlier days but not quite so professionally done.

IMG Here I am standing in front of the house all ready for my first day of school in the early 1940’s

IMG_0004  an even earlier picture of the house


More Castles And Knights And Lady Janets October 17, 2016

My genealogy research is leading me to all sorts of fascinating information.

For example:  Beeston Castle is an English Heritage site built on the remains of an Iron Age hill fort        beeston-castle-from-a-distance       beestoncastle                beeston-castle-prints_91199_boydell_beeston_med-1

Lady Janet de Bradshaw, 1365-1420, wife of Sir Adam Knight de Bostock, 1363-1420, were my 18th Great Grandparents.




Lady Janet Of Rossie August 20, 2015

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Lady Janet of Rossie – doesn’t that sound grand?  That’s a sample of where ancestry.com has taken me in exploring my ancestry. In some cases  I’m tracing back 16 or 17 generations.  The mind boggles.  History is alive and well.

Lady Janet is my 13th Great Grandmother, born in Ross and Cromarty Scotland in 1455.  She lived from 1455 to 1556 at the age of 101.  Could this be true?  I must explore further.  Exploring my ancestry is fun!

Aaron Osgood discovered on Ancestry