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Norsk Klasse March 11, 2015

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Our fabulous norsk laerer is on vacation    In his absence a small group has formed to meet at Piccolino’s in Ballard at the usual Tuesday morning time of 10:30-12.  We had our first meeting this past Tuesday.  The group was small but very enthusiastic.  It has been suggested that we have a topic to talk about next Tuesday.  In norsk of course.  One member suggested Norwegian authors.  Good idea – I hope we all agree.



Which came first in stimulating me to take a interest in Norway?  Stamp collecting, rug making, adventure book reading, knitting, weaving, Norwegian friends, fabulous skiers, close boy friend, travel – Norway Sweden and Denmark weren’t my first choice for the American Youth Hostel cycling trip in 1959, but I’m glad I went.

First I have to work out what I’m going to say about Norwegian authors, po norsk of course.

Question:   Is the postcard image below from Sweden or Norway?


Language and Geography Lessons April 9, 2011

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My Norwegian language classes have started up again – I was a beginner for the Autumn term, then our whole class was promoted to no longer being beginners for the Winter term, and now we have the Spring term.  I’m not sure what we are called now – maybe continuing learners – or collectively we are called “norskis”.    Most of my classmates seem to have known each other for a long time and it seems like a bit of a social club – as my Irish class became over the years. 

 During the break our teacher went on holiday to Guatemala and Columbia – Central and South America.  A part of the world I know very little about.  But now I am trying to learn about it via the Norwegian language.  Hmm.  The parts of the lesson that are in English I can understand, the parts in Norwegian I can sort of get the meaning, the parts where we have to translate from English to Norwegian are laboriously difficult.

  Map showing both Guatemala and Columbia – very far south from Seattle.  Guatemala in fact lies on the equator and Columbia lies even further south and east.


Trying to Learn a Language March 12, 2011

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  Dreaming in Hindi , Coming Awake in Another Language, by Katherine Russell Rich

An unlikely title I thought when I saw this book in the Travel Bookshop in Wallingford a couple of months ago.  But it was about the Indian Sub-Continent, and I like reading books about that part of the world.  And now that I have read it, I am pleased with my purchase.  A most interesting book.  About the Sub-Continent but so much more.  It is very much about the process of the acquisition of language – the workings of the brain whether it be the brain of a toddler or the brain of an older adult acquiring a second language, or a deaf person developing sign language.  A fascinating book.  Very well written.  Humourous, sympathetic, a personal exploration.

It sort of casts a new light on my struggles with Norwegian, Irish, Swahili, Bengali, Fijian – you name it.  Oh and how could I forget – Latin, French, and Spanish.  Yes, I like studying languages.  I think in another life I might, future tense,  study linguistics more seriously.