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The First Two Children – Lucy and Charles Miller April 13, 2017

As I’ve written before in my blog posts about my grandmother, she married a widower with 2 teen age children.  I haven’t found any subsequent information or references to these two children.  I’m curious.  One would think that they would continue to figure in their father’s and new stepmother’s lives.  But I don’t recall ever hearing anything more about them.

Somewhere in various bits of family letters etc. I do recall coming across a very tender and loving letter written by my grandfather to Lucy when she was about 10 – I’ll search for that letter – I hope I can find it.

Also I vaguely recall that his siblings helped look after the infants Lucy and Charles.  The widowed Charles had a large number of siblings, some of whom might have helped in this sad situation.  Specifically, his sister Volney might have taken on the young children – again I think I found this somewhere – now to find it again.

I’ve turned to Ancestry.com to gather more information.

Lucy Jewett Miller b. 1866 d.1929   At age 29 (in 1895) she married Clifford Stanley Kerr.  Clifford was a year younger.     She is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery Newark

Charles Dion Miller   b. 1867   d. 1960


Lucy Gilman Jewett January 9, 2016

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My paternal grandfather was first married in 1865 to Lucy Gilman Jewett.  They had 2 children, a daughter born in 1867 and a son born in 1868.  Sadly, Lucy died shortly after the birth of the 2nd child.

Lucy Gilman Jewett Grave Marker             Lucy 2

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark Ohio