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A Cat Doing What A Cat Does June 21, 2018

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IMG_5759  Sad demise – I’ve buried the bird and feel awful. I’m glad Katerina doesn’t catch birds very often.  I buried a field mouse yesterday – I felt badly about that also – but not quite so bad.

Does the cat’s recent behavior have anything to do with the Solstice?  I wonder.


Katerina’s Catch April 19, 2018

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IMG_1358  Poor wee mousie.  Right outside our bedroom window.  Buried now much to Katerina’s displeasure.


Random Photos For Thanksgiving November 23, 2017

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IMG_4754  Still some bright colors near our garden

IMG_4749  delicate “petals” seen on my walk

IMG_4748  it doesn’t get much brighter than this

IMG_4750  random reds

IMG_4760  I finished the jigsaw (3 pieces missing, found 1 this morning, so 2 still missing)

IMG_4761   Katerina had her Thanksgiving treat last night – mousie no. 14


Carnage In The Garden Again September 29, 2017

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Do I Like Mice/Rats? September 27, 2017

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IMG_4438  Ready for burial – I suspect this is a rat – the cat’s latest treasure.


Garden Cleanup November 4, 2016

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So far since coming home from our recent trip to the East Coast I have buried 4 wee mice and 1 large mouse (hope it wasn’t a rat).  Our cat Katerina likes to leave her delicacies on the mat outside our bedroom window.  img_1573


Is The Mouse Still In The House? July 25, 2015

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cats and squirrels 057     I think the mouse is still with us.  Now the cat is very interested in the area around the sofa.  My study is a messy fortress.  The siege continues.  The only thing I could imagine that would be worse would be a squirrel.