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In Anticipation……. May 27, 2018

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In anticipation of my 60th reunion from Middlebury College in Vermont I am posting this photo of myself along with 4 close friends at our 50th reunion, June 2008.  It’s weird, a decade has passed since this photo was taken.  Time to reminisce again.

What will I wear??

That college on the hill………

I’m trying to add a picture taken at my graduation.  IMG_0001

From leFt to right: my mother’s sister Aunt Libby, Aunt Libby’s daughter my cousin Betsy, me, my mother, my sister-in-law Lil (my brother’s wife)


Some days I feel I can relate to this woman…….




McCullough Gym September 21, 2016

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mccullough-gym     A corner of McCullough Gym, Middlebury College, Vermont

mccullough-gym  a postcard photo taken in 1914

john_g_mccullough  John Griffin McCullough

Having written my previous blog entry about David McCullough I wondered if there was any connection with the McCullough Gym at Middlebury .  The answer is no, at least so far as I can find out with my limited research.  The McCullough we are writing about here was John G McCullough, the former Governor of Vermont.  He had an interesting career as an attorney, politician, and business man.  I found some other interesting facts.  The building was built in 1912.  (The year my mother was born.)  It was initially built for the men of the college, but in my years, 1954-1958, it was known as the Women’s Gym.


Graduation Ceremony June 24, 2016

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Last night our grand daughter Ashley graduated (was promoted) from 8th grade.  She along with 300 ? classmates were awarded their certificates and can now look forward to high school in September.    The ceremony (promotion) was held outdoors and moved along briskly for about 45 minutes before the heavens opened with a torrential downpour.  All were soaked despite being prepared with raincoats and umbrellas.


Note that we called into use my Middlebury umbrella – this was a puzzle to me.  I don’t remember ever acquiring a Middlebury umbrella but there it was.  It had been in the trunk of the car for ages but surely only since 2011.  I just thought it was a blue and white striped golf umbrella, nothing special.  I graduated from Middlebury in 1958 – was my umbrella that old??  Where else had it been in the intervening years??


Ashley and her friend Tessa     Proud Dad James lurking in the background


IMG_0434 It will be Ashley’s sister Caitlin’s turn 2 years from now.


Flying Around March 19, 2016

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A son in London training on Hempstead Heath to run the London Marathon on April 24.  A daughter-in-law at a conference in Delhi and flying back to London as I write.  I sit at my computer in Seattle and follow other people’s travels.  Hoping to travel myself before too long. London calling.   The recovery from the hip replacement surgery is slow.  Other muscles and joints are protesting.  My Middlebury College Gamaliel Painter’s Cane – a gift from the college at our 50th reunion – is coming in handy.

gamaliel-painter-middlebury-college-trustee    Gamaliel Painter


Sharing Memories December 18, 2014

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IMG_4749 five friends met up at their 50th reunion from Middlebury College, Class of 1958   (photo courtesy of Al Hawthorne?)


Let’s Meet at the Pig, Pike Place Market June 8, 2011


  from the Pike Place Market website, Rachel the Pig


Let’s meet at the pig at Pike Place Market – that’s what my 2 friends and I agreed to do the other day.  One friend was visiting from Belfast Northern Ireland.  The other lives here in Seattle but I hadn’t seen her since 1969 when she looked me up in Dublin.  The Belfast friend I had seen a few years ago so I was pretty sure to recognize her.  The other…..well…..we in fact stood almost beside each other at the pig, neither of us recognizing the other, apart from thinking oh she looks as if she is waiting for someone.  Well you could say that about almost anyone who is lingering in that area and looking somewhat anxious or hopeful or bewildered or all three.   Happily, it wasn’t long before our 3rd arrived and upon hearing her voice I knew instantly who it was.  We three then exclaimed in mutual recognition and proceeded to adjourn  to Starbucks and talked and talked and talked.  What fun it was.  It is just so nice to meet up with old friends – old now in years but not at heart when we get together.  Friends in younger years but the friendships made firmer as the years pass by.

Here’s another link to a story about Rachel the Pig’s return to the Market after a recent accident.


In One Of My Forays…… May 16, 2011

In one of my forays to the Couth Buzzard, my venue for trading my old books for credit and possibly buying new-books-to-me, I found this book.  The Blue Hen’s Chick, an autobiography by A. B. Guthrie, Jr., the author of The Big Sky and The Way West, among other works of merit.  This book hit a chord with me in 3 very specific ways: one, A. B. Guthrie Jr. was awarded a Nieman Fellowship to attend Harvard University in Cambridge Mass. in 1944-45.  I was 8  years old, living in the next town.  With his family he spent 2 nights in the Hotel Commander there in Cambridge – the Hotel Commander where I used to visit my Grandfather and his sister, known to the family as Auntie. 

While at Harvard he associated with many eminent professors and particularly one Frederick Merck – that man’s son was in my class in high school and is very active still today in convening the reunions of our high school class.

Third, in the early 1950’s Mr. Guthrie attended the Bread Loaf School of English near Middlebury College in Vermont.  1954-58 was my vintage at Middlebury.  I just love finding other people with similar memories and associations.


Another Postcard From My Mother’s Archive February 8, 2011

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Yesterday I showed postcards with red 2 cent postage stamps.  Some of the stamps were of Thomas Jefferson, and others were of John Adams.  It was Summer 1957.   Now I have found a postcard from February 1958.  Oh ho – there is a purple 3 cent stamp with the Statue of Liberty.  The postcard was sent from Stowe Vermont.  I must have been skiing between semesters.  I report that the skiing is excellent – but for some reason (unstated) the legendary Ma Kelley, the Dean of Women at Middlebury, has 20 more gray hairs.  Hmm, I wonder what that was all about.


Fortuitous Meetings October 6, 2010

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Just a few notes and photos to follow-up to what I forgot to write yesterday.

On Sunday Ian and I went with our visitors to Fremont Market.  A very popular Sunday Street Market here in Seattle.  We had an enjoyable lunch in the Greek Restaurant – Costas- on the corner there near the Market and then went wandering.   We found lots of enticing items as we wandered along and also enjoyed just people and dog watching.  We wandered down the street, then back up.  Kaysea’s husband Gordon had found someone he wanted Kaysea to meet.  The seller at the Maple Syrup stand.  Kaysea and I had earlier passed him by, agreeing that much as we liked to consider ourselves as New Englanders, we found maple syrup a bit too sweet.  Gordon, though, had chatted with the seller and found that he was from Vermont and that his grandfather had been a professor at Middlebury College there in Middlebury Vermont.  Well, Kaysea was Class of 63 and I was Class of 58.  The grandfather in question was Tom Reynolds, a very popular professor of American History.  I had read in the College Magazine that Professor Reynolds had recently passed away, in his 90s.  He could well  be the the last of the professors who were there in my years, 1954-58.  I have a strong image of him as he was as a  young man.  His courses were very popular.  It seemed so strange to meet his grandson and hear my former college professor referred to affectionately as grandpa.  His grandson is sort of following in his footsteps – he is studying for a PhD in public administration here at the University of Washington.  The maple syrup that he is selling there in Fremont Market is from the family farm located in the far northeastern corner of northern Vermont.  The grandson, Trask, explained that Professor Reynolds bought that farm after he was discharged from the army after the 2nd World War.  It was wonderful talking with Trask – what a nice connection to the past to  make there in Fremont Market.

The other item I forgot to write about yesterday was the person to my left at the dinner table on Saturday night.  It turned out that he, Jeff, had been in Bhutan recently.  Not only that, but in addition to his work with the Snow Leopard Trust, he runs a travel business which includes tours to Bhutan.  I asked him if he took the over 70’s – his reply was of course.  Hmm.  I wonder if we would want to return.

Now for a few photos, some  which I happen to have found this morning:

  1987, Christmas time outside our house in Thimphu, a gathering of family and friends

  Thimphu Market, cloth for sale

  and cloth for sale in a shop in Thimphu

  spindle spinning, Thimphu, Bhutan

  preparing a warp, Thimphu, Bhutan

Street muscians and passersby in Fremont Market, Seattle, October 2010