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Keeping An Eye On Russia June 15, 2017

Filed under: Climate Change,Geography,Military Activity,Norway,Russia — Janet @ 5:56 pm

Norway in the news – on the front page of the New York Times yesterday there was an article about a surge in demand for electricity in the far north of Norway.  Specifically on the Norwegian island of Vardo, which is within sight of Russia’s expanding fleet of nuclear submarines armed with ballistic missiles.   The extra electricity is needed to power a radar system to keep track of this increase in Russian military activity  in that part of the world, the Barents Sea.  Russia has increased its activity there as climate change is happening and new shipping routes are opening between Asia and Europe.  There are also prospects of new finds of oil and gas resources.  President Putin has his eye on this joint American-Norwegian funded radar project!

For generations Vardo was sustained by the fishing industry but that industry has mostly collapsed and the population of Vardo has shrunk accordingly.  But now there’s renewed hope for Vardo.