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Reviewing the Situation February 18, 2011

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There’s a wonderful  song which Fagin sings in the  British musical Oliver!  This was a very popular musical in many ways.  I first saw it in London in the West End in 1961.  It was later performed on Broadway.  And even later it was performed at the American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1983.  Almost simultaneously I think it was performed at Wesley College in Dublin Ireland.  Son James had the role of Oliver in the Bangladesh production and the fellow who was to become his best pal at Wesley had that role in the Wesley College production.  Coincidence.  

At AIS/D all those songs from Oliver! were sung many times by those 7th and 8th graders of yesteryear.

 “I’m Reviewing the Situation.”  (The lyrics can be found here.)   Well, that’s what I’m doing, although in a slightly different context.  Our car was stolen earlier this week, from our very own driveway.  And now I’m hearing of armed robberies recently, again in our new neighbourhood.    So, I am thinking of that song.

  James as Oliver, 1983, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Late Night Thought December 9, 2010

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Here is a late night thought after a big rant – It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.  Just a thought as we approach the solstice and the nights are long.  More tomorrow when I might put my private rant into public writing.


New Beginnings August 5, 2010

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Years ago one of my nieces had a nursery school called New Beginnings, or was it Great Beginnings.  Either way, nice names I think.  Today little Sean Ian had his first outing.  He went to the Pancake House, and he managed to sleep through it all.  But the rest of us enjoyed our lunch very much.   16 month old Ethan really tucked in to his pancakes.  And I have never seen Caitlin eat so much – she loves those fried potatoes.

  little Sean oblivious to his new surroundings

  Susan considering the menu, Ethan reaching for something from Daddy, Caitlin doing a drawing – all at the Pancake House

  Ethan has his ketchup all lined up – actually I think he is looking at a picture up on the wall – an antique photo of a line of cars in the 1920’s – Ethan is keen on cars and trucks

One more family photo – Caitlin and Ashley singing a duet, Rubber Ducky – this was at their voice lesson yesterday.

Now what else have I been doing – an outing yesterday down to Ballard to the new location of Dutch Bike.  I bought a mirror which I thought would fit on the handlebars but upon closer examination when I got home, it is not suitable.  I’ll have to take it back.


Dutch Bike is now located in Old Ballard.  Quite a nice new location, not far from its old one but easier to find on Ballard Ave.  I enjoyed browsing in the shops along the way.  I managed to buy an old cassette tape of Billie Holiday, $3, and it sounds fine on my new/retro player.  Also a Johnny Cash vinyl.  Retro is good.

And as to knitting and crochet.  I’m working away on knitting more blankets.  I completed one, 2 more to do.  And I have a big crochet blanket in process.  Might fit a double bed pretty soon.


I nearly forgot to mention my excursion driving a manual shift car today.  A bit of trouble getting it to start until I firmly depressed the clutch pedal.  Then more trouble when I tried to get into reverse gear after I finished my shopping and wanted to drive home.  That took a while to figure out but a passing shopper came to my assistance and between the 2 of us we managed.  I feel a bit of a fraud with the vroom vroom of the sport muffler on the car.


Posting a Letter September 8, 2009

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Mail box in Coleraine  Letter box in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, note the initials E R and the crown.  Photo taken when I was there for the Lawn Bowling Championships in late August.


bowling 2009 346  Letter box on the Ballinteer Road, near where I live in Dundrum, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.  Note the initials V R and the crown at the top of the box.

I wish An Post would get some green paint and touch up some of their letter boxes – it would inspire confidence and make posting a letter a more attractive proposition.  I understand that when the Republic was part of the United Kingdom but when Eire was createdin 1922, then all the red letter boxes were painted green.  It’s time to touch up my local one.

I found a reference to a very interesting sounding book about the history of the letter boxes in the British Isles.  Click on the link if you want to read more.  Old Letter Boxes by Martin Robinson.