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Joan Baez In Concert September 17, 2017

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Last night I listened to a wonderful concert by Joan Baez to celebrate her 75th birthday.  The music stirred so many memories.  The highlight for me was a clip of Harry Belafonte in the audience.  His music was all the rage when I was in college – I can hear it now being played at peak volume from a friend’s room down the hall.



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Regrets July 12, 2016

I haven’t played my recorders for a couple of years or so.  I was just busy with other activities and the time and place where the monthly recorder meetings were held were no longer convenient.  But recently I tried playing the recorder again and found that arthritis in my hands made it difficult to play.  Alas.  Up until now the things associated with aging haven’t really bothered me.  But now, trying to play the recorder is painful and it is bothering me to find that I just can’t spread my fingers with enough agility to make playing the recorder possible.  I really wanted to attend and play in an up coming one day jazz workshop.miscellaneous-ian-009  In younger days with the bass recorder.  7 or 8 years ago?  in my early 70’s

I have a friend of similar vintage whose mother had very bad arthritis in her hands.  My friend is taking piano lessons to hopefully ward off similar problems.

Come to think of it, my own mother also had bad arthritis in her hands in later years.   She was an avid knitter, as am I.  When she moved to Hawaii, knitting was no longer so important in her life.  So I don’t know if she could have continued to knit if she had wanted to.  Knitting is still important to but I could substitute other fiber activities just as satisfying.  After all, my abandonment of weaving has been partially age related and I don’t really miss it – I can still maintain my interest without physically crawling under that big Glimakra loom.






Eric Clapton June 18, 2016

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eric clapton  Slow Hand at 70     Eric Clapton’s 70th birthday concert at the Albert Hall in London

Great listening!


National Record Day April 19, 2016

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Vinyl record that is.  Last Saturday was National Record Day – I duly visited my local vinyl record store – Bop Street Records.  I went early – on the way I saw that the record store across the street had an amazing queue stretching round the corner.  Wow I thought better   hurry.  But when I got to Bop Street there was hardly anyone there.  What was going on?  I subsequently learned that the record store across the street sold NEW records and this was the day for some new releases.  Bop Street sells USED records – and what a collection it has.  HUGE.  I was told that only the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian have larger collections.

I was so dazzled and swamped by the range of choices at Bop Street I had no idea what I wanted.  But I wanted to honor the day and I finally settled on a record by Merle Haggard who I knew had died recently.  And I also bought a CD  of Richard and Mimi Farina.  So some new choices to add to my eclectic collection.  Pleasant listening.



A Photo That Looks Like A Painting March 24, 2016

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Violinist  A Russian violinist scheduled to play a piece by Prokofiev with the Seattle Symphony


Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade March 22, 2016

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Scheherazade  a painting by Sophie Gengembre Anderson, a French British artist, 1823-1903


LISTENING to ERIC CLAPTON November 22, 2015

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