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Lighthouses July 8, 2017

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2017_07_06_18_02_47.pdf008 Brant Point – Nantucket

2017_07_06_18_02_47.pdf009  Sankaty Light – Siasconset, Nantucket   note my bicycle in the foreground, I remember chatting with a rather lonely or bored young man who was posted to this lighthouse  – we shared an interest in making hooked rugs.

photos from my collection, dating from the early 1950’s


Nantucket Windmill June 17, 2017

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Vintage photo from Nantucket – taken in the 1940’s by JM (that’s me)


All Things Nantucket

Moby Dick Mary Morrell Folger  Working on my genealogy this morning I found a reference remotely connecting an ancestor to Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick.  And this novel of course makes me think of that magical island of Nantucket.  One of the daughters of Isaac Morrill, my 9th Great Grandfather, married a Folger and Mary Morrill Folger is mentioned in the novel.


In Younger Days April 18, 2017

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Here they are – my sisters Ruth and Nan – carefree as can be

They were working in the summer of 1949 as waitresses at the Grey Gull on the Island of Nantucket.

Nan is on the right – today is her 90th birthday – April 18, 2017

Ruth on the left celebrated her 91st birthday not so long ago – January 6, 2017

Happy Days.  Happy Memories.


All Things Nantucket October 19, 2016

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Living on the NW Corner of the West Coast I do not meet many people with whom I can share my love of Nantucket Island which is so well known and loved by East Coast people.  The magical island of Nantucket, 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, is the site of many happy memories, not only for me but for other members of my family and friends.  I first visited the island when I was 10 years old.  One of my older sisters had a summer job there as a waitress.  That was the first of many memorable visits.  Both of my older sisters met their future husband there.  A family friend had a large house in Siasconset in a more remote part of the island – my mother and I were house guests for a few weeks during several summers. The family of a college friend rented a house in Wauwinet for many years.  College friends were invited to join them.  Summer in Nantucket – magical.

Visits to the Island have been infrequent in subsequent years but I continue to read about  Nantucket and its fascinating history.  I’m particularly intrigued by its whaling history.

I have learned a lot from the writings of Nathaniel Philbrick.  And I have read Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick twice.  Several prominent names in Nantucket’s history are Macy, Starbuck, and Coffin.  I am thrilled that I have found  a number of ancestors named Coffin – and they resided on Nantucket!  More information will be forthcoming in due course.



It’s All Too Easy March 5, 2016

Here I am, housebound recovering from hip replacement surgery.  I’m finding it all too easy to buy books to add to my genealogy collection.  Just search on Amazon.com and lo and behold – there’s a great book – the virtual bookstore!  Here are some of my finds.

A book about Nantucket

A book about the descendants of Widow Elizabeth Curtiss

A book about the wave of English ancestors coming to America in the 1600’s

Pictures to follow.  I have photos of each book  but I haven’t figured how to access my photo files and show them on my blog.

Pictures of my cat yes.  solstice 016


Book Collecting March 4, 2016

In the course of researching my genealogy I seem to be finding more and more books to purchase.  Surprised?  Rather obscure and unexpected finds.  My latest acquisition is a book by Nathaniel Philbrick, well known for his book The Mayflower.  Mr. Philbrick, as you probably know, lives on the island of Nantucket where he has documented the history of the island and the whaling industry.   Three of my favorite topics – Nantucket, Whaling, Early Settlers

Away Off Shore, Nantucket Island and its People, 1602 – 1890


at-the-dublin-city-book-fair.jpg  book collection for sale



more cat v birds 004  My cat likes to participate



ArmstrongSperry Armstrong Sperry – great interest in whaling