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Shades Of Grey April 23, 2017

shades of grey   In the course of my genealogy research I came across this image.  A sign indicating some of my ancestors emigrated from the Netherlands to New York.  Apart from that information I thought the image was very artistic.


Another Favorite Painting January 25, 2016

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Hotel Room in New York, Edward Hopper, 1932

edward hopper room in new york 1932


I like Edward Hopper’s paintings, partly because they make me think of situations or incidents in my own life.  This painting reminds me that for a number of years my father lived in the Hotel Lexington during the week and commuted home to Boston for weekends.  My mother (and other members of the family) occasionally had the treat of being with him in New York.  I can remember eating at Schraffts, going to Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, my father’s office on Church Street, the melody “I’m always chasing rainbows………