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Norwegian Blessings June 5, 2015


I think a reproduction of this painting was on the wall of the galley in the Northwestern fishing vessel.  Recently I attended a charity function to benefit the Nordic Heritage Museum.  The function was held at the Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and featured a seafood barbecue and a tour of the Northwestern, the vessel seen in the television series The Deadliest Catch.


absolute end of may 020  Northwestern                absolute end of may 010  bar area at the barbecue


absolute end of may 013   fun figures around the bar         absolute end of may 009  Matt McCallum of the Nordic Heritage Museum, serving at the bar


absolute end of may 015  Pacific Fisherman Shipyard


Viking Days at the Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle July 19, 2011

The Viking Days took place last weekend.  I had intended to participate and have a stand for selling and demonstrating spinning and knitting……..but I was away, first on the East Coast, and then at the Port Townsend Early Music Workshop.  Too much going on.

Well, I did manage to go as a visitor on the Sunday and I had a good wander around to visit all the stands and demonstrations and chat with various friends and visitors.  It was good, but I felt that I had seen it all before – many many times.  I didn’t even take any pictures, it was all so familiar.  I do love these events!  But the weather was poor and some of the vendors did seem rather miserable as the next rain shower repeated several that had gone before.  i.e. it was a typical inclement day, rain one minute, then sunshine, etc.  And it was rather cold.  Not a day to put people in the mood for buying.  And I felt that if I had been there with a stand, I probably wouldn’t have even covered my costs.  Rather typical for me at events like this.  And what’s more what I would have been selling….if it had  been a nice day…..would have been woolly hats and other handknit woollies…..not great sellers in July.  I’m going to aim for having a stand at Julefest – that is in November at the Nordic Heritage Centre and maybe my woollies will have a better chance.   There’s always hope with Christmas approaching.

My purchases were meager – 3 postcards to add to my collection.


  this is my favourite, I don’t know when this was printed, it’s glossy and somewhat old.  The street is the Kungstornen in Stockholm.  I was there in 1959 – I don’t remember it.  All I remember about Stockholm is the ship we stayed on.  That was the Youth Hostel at that point in time.