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Northern Flicker Relations November 17, 2017

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yellow_bellied_sapsucker_sim_1   Yellow-bellied Sap Sucker

Photo credits: Cornell Ornithology Lab

At first I thought the bird I saw on my deck this morning was a small Northern Flicker.  He or she didn’t stay long and of course I didn’t have my camera handy.  But I googled and suspect it might have been one of the above or one of another related species, like below.

red_bellied_woodpecker_11  Red-bellied woodpecker

Or maybe it was a different species altogether

images European starling  European starling


Two Northern Flickers October 10, 2017

Northern Flicker feeding young ones  photo credit: internet

I spotted 2 Northern Flickers in our garden this morning.  Exciting to have them reappear after an absence of a few months.


A Beautiful Morning January 1, 2017

A beautiful morning to start the new year 2017.   We had a dusting of snow last night and welcome sunshine this morning.

img_2120  my latest scarf on display

And my favorite bird, the Northern Flicker reappeared for the fist time in about a month

220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia  Northern Flicker



Steller%27s_Jay_b57-3-076_l_1  Steller Jay – ever present

img_2114  and of course a squirrel, entertainment for the cat


It’s A Baby Flicker! September 23, 2016

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A baby Flicker on the neighbor’s roof.  Too small and too distant for a photo but spotted with the aid of the binoculars.  Exciting.



Return of the Northern Flicker

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Birds have been relatively scarce in the garden this summer.  One of my favorites is the Northern Flicker.   I felt that I hadn’t sighted this bird for about a month at least.  But Hooray, I saw one late this afternoon.


220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia

We have occasionally seen a hummingbird.



And every day the Steller Jays land on our deck.




Northern Flicker March 26, 2016

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220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia  One of my favorite birds.

IMG_9945  Look very carefully and you’ll see my Flicker visitor.  Seen as I sit at my computer.  He appears quite regularly.


The Northern Flicker August 3, 2015

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A frequent visitor to my garden

from Wikipedia

The northern flicker (Colaptes auratus) is a medium-sized member of the woodpecker family. It is native to most of North America, parts of Central America, Cuba, theCayman Islands, and is one of the few woodpecker species that migrate. There are over 100 common names for the northern flicker. Among them are: yellowhammer (as it’s known as the state bird of Alabama), clape, gaffer woodpecker, harry-wicket, heigh-ho, wake-up, walk-up, wick-up, yarrup, and gawker bird. Many of these names are attempts at imitating some of its calls.

Northern Flicker.jpg   a handsome bird