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Keeping An Eye On Russia June 15, 2017

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Norway in the news – on the front page of the New York Times yesterday there was an article about a surge in demand for electricity in the far north of Norway.  Specifically on the Norwegian island of Vardo, which is within sight of Russia’s expanding fleet of nuclear submarines armed with ballistic missiles.   The extra electricity is needed to power a radar system to keep track of this increase in Russian military activity  in that part of the world, the Barents Sea.  Russia has increased its activity there as climate change is happening and new shipping routes are opening between Asia and Europe.  There are also prospects of new finds of oil and gas resources.  President Putin has his eye on this joint American-Norwegian funded radar project!

For generations Vardo was sustained by the fishing industry but that industry has mostly collapsed and the population of Vardo has shrunk accordingly.  But now there’s renewed hope for Vardo.



Norwegian Folk Art – Rosemaling May 14, 2017

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I have just participated in a 2 day workshop on Rosemaling Painting – a Norwegian folk art tradition.  I kept thinking of our years in Bhutan where we were absolutely surrounded by a rich tradition of traditional painting.  And I kept thinking of the art of calligraphy and the art traditions of China and Japan.  I’m prompted to explore the connections between these various traditions and influences and interconnections.

national-arts-school-or-painting-schooldedicated-students-on-4-6-year-djby5x  NNNn

National Art School Thimphu Bhutan


Update On My Knitting February 25, 2017

img_2471   I am knitting a brown sweater, sort of making it up as I go along.  I like the color and the wool – Rauma Strikkegarn (www.raumaull.no) – Norwegian of course.  I have knit the front and the back and both sleeves.  Now i’m in the process of joining the 2nd sleeve to the body of the sweater.  This is somewhat difficult to make a smooth seam.  Next will be to complete the upper part of the sweater.  I’m thinking of doing a simple pattern.

img_2470   this is a sweater which I knit from the top down following instructions in an old knitting book published in Norway in 1975.  The simple design using the contrasting colors is mine.

boys-me-norwegian-sweater  A more elaborate pattern – my first “Norwegian” sweater, knit in 1970’s.


Coat of Arms January 15, 2017

preston-coat-of-arms  Here is the Preston Coat of Arms.  An interesting art form.

The Prestons appear in my genealogy back in the 14th century.

thornburgh-cofa   Coat of Arms of the Thornburgh family – they appear in my genealogy in the 15th century

tuck-coa    Tuck Coat of Arms      The Tuck name has Scandinavian origins – at last I’ve found a Viking connection in my family tree!

meverell-coa Meverell Coat of Arms


combe-coa   Combe Coat of Arms

montgomery-shield     Montgomery shield

leech-crest   Leech Crest


guy-coa  Guy Coat of Arms

kingsley-coa  Kingsley Coat of Arms

carew-coa  Carew Coat of Arms



Party Time December 9, 2016

birthday-baby  1936

80th-birthday   2016

birthday-80   December 7, 2016


That lanyard around my neck isn’t for a panic button!  It’s for my mailbox key!

The sweater I’m wearing is one of my hand knits.  The blue wool yarn was purchased in the Aran Islands Ireland.  I knit the sweater from the top down following an idea in a knitting book published in Norway in 1975.  That was one of the first knitting books I ever purchased.  How I found it I do not know but somehow I did when we first moved to Dublin  in the late 1960’s.


                         IMG  Here am I age 11 with my father’s mother (Grandma Miller) when she was 85.  How will I look at that age – assuming I get there.



Julefest At Ballard First Lutheran Church December 6, 2016


Singing carols and dancing around the tree.  (I’m on the  right wearing the red Norwegian sweater}  This is one of my favorite traditions of Christmas.  Organized every year for the past 38 years by our Norwegian language teacher, Ed Egerdahl.   A service of music and readings followed by traditional Norwegian food and dancing round the tree.


Lofoten Norway January 22, 2016

An artist’s view

Painting Fishing Boats Lofoten Islands

Fishing Boats Lofoten

Artist Gunnar Berg, Solvaer 1890

An artist who only lived 30 years   1863-1893


Other work     Gunnar_Berg_Fra_Svolvær_i_Lofoten             Gunnar_Berg_Fiskebåter_ved_Reine


An Early Hero December 28, 2015

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stein eriksen

Stein Eriksen – one of my role models in my early days of skiing – on the slopes of the local golf course, Oakley Country Club, Watertown, Mass.

Stein’s skiing was on much more challenging slopes in Norway.


His death has been announced at age 88.




Norwegian Fjord Horses December 24, 2015

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norwegian fjord horseswith thanks to Tor Dahl for posting this


Avalanche In Far North Of Norway December 20, 2015

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Flash news item in today’s (Sunday Dec 20) Seattle Times. Saturday at about 11 a.m. North of the Arctic Circle in Svalbard an Avalanche. – during the time of complete darkness!!  Need I say more.  Norway must be well used to winter snowstorms and avalanches  But this was an even more severe  storm in an area well geared to  extreme storms.  El nino?  A situation graphically described in the book We Die Alone by David Howarth.

406677-norway-avalanche-afp                                                                      9781599210636_p0_v2_s192x300 David Haworth We Die Alone