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Calling A Spade A Spade August 29, 2015

Filed under: Arthritis,Health Issues,Old Farmers Almanac — Janet @ 5:49 pm

At last  – all those aching joints have been given a name – arthritis pain.  As a result of a visit to the doctor yesterday, a well known medical term has been given to a condition with which I have been “suffering” for a number of years.  During the past year I have noted significant changes in my joints, particularly in my hands and right leg.  Ageing!  Years ago I had a paperback book with a sort of maroon cover.  Title – Arthritis ………..  That book has disappeared.  It was sort of a farmer’s almanac type book.  I’m hunting for it now – never mind all those current books on arthritis – I want remedies used by our forebears. For some reason I think it was originally published in 1934.  It was a Pan paperback.   Have any of my readers seen a book vaguely fitting this description?