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Phone Call September 12, 2015

Filed under: Childhood,Friendship,Memories,Old Age,Old Friends — Janet @ 9:23 pm

As the years go by, it’s fun to compare notes (ailments) with people you have known for many years.  Catch up on what’s happening in their lives, what their children are doing, where their travels have taken them – if they are still able to travel!  People we have grown up with – the bonds can grow stronger as we share more memories.  Such was the nature of an unexpected phone call which I received this morning from a friend I have known for almost 70 years.  Our paths have crisscrossed over the years – ever since 5th grade.  I knew her family, she knew mine.  What a treasure trove of information to catch up with.  We talked for a long time – possibly more than she wanted to as she was trying to get up-to-date addresses and phone numbers for a 2016 reunion of our high school class 1954.

Now I’m trying to collect some pictures to add to the information for that directory.

lopi-cardigan-close-up-resized   Janet 1980?    IMG_6378  Janet on a crazy hair day 2014

IMG_6264  Janet  2014    A bit macabre   Janet   2000?

 Janet’s Father and Janet’s Grandmother 1943