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Genealogy Ideas January 9, 2016

This genealogy research has become a passion.  I’m investigating printing services for parts of my lines of relations.  So far I have found over 1200 ancestors.  The printers advise that pursuing up to 5 or 6 generations is more manageable.  Showing more than that is too much.  I’m thinking I want to start with my paternal grandmother and work backward from there.  She was born in 1863 in Crown Point New York.  The Civil War was raging.  Going back 5 or 6 generations from her takes us to the British Isles where my ancestors were from.

The style I want to use is called the Bow Tie style.

Going back from her I get to Peter Murdock from Limerick Ireland.  I have a fair bit of information on the Limerick years of my ancestors.  I hope I can find it – I printed it more than 5 years ago while we were still living in Ireland.

Peter Murdock  Gravemarker Peter Murdock’s grave marker in Westport Connecticut

It’s only fitting that I use my paternal grandmother (Grandma Miller) as a starting point since most of the genealogical records that we have were originally compiled by her – long before the internet and ancestry.com – in the mid 1920’s.  It is thanks to her that we have 2 genealogical record books (the Blue Books) of the Millers and the Murdocks and also the 2 big wheels tracing ancestors where possible back to the Mayflower pilgrims and beyond.