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A Walk Uptown in Downtown Seattle March 22, 2015

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I should do more exploring downtown – almost 5 years further on from when I did this walk.

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A few days ago I went downtown and decided to explore on foot.  I started out in the International District with a visit to Amazon.com. and a pause for a cup of coffee in Tully’s, right next to the Well’s Fargo Bank.  And across the street from Uwajimaya (a store noted for Asian groceries and gifts)

Then I headed uptown, on foot.  I could easily have taken the bus from the bus tunnel, but I preferred to walk and do some sight seeing, even in the rain. Walking along Fifth Avenue, crossing streets with familiar names – Yesler Way, James Street (1 block from King County Courthouse where son James was married in 2000), Cherry Street, ……., Madison, Spring, Seneca, University, Union, Pike, and Pine.It just kept raining all the way.

View along the way down toward Elliot Bay

Tulio’s restaurant where I called in to meet the daughter of…

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Let’s Meet at the Pig, Pike Place Market June 8, 2011


  from the Pike Place Market website, Rachel the Pig


Let’s meet at the pig at Pike Place Market – that’s what my 2 friends and I agreed to do the other day.  One friend was visiting from Belfast Northern Ireland.  The other lives here in Seattle but I hadn’t seen her since 1969 when she looked me up in Dublin.  The Belfast friend I had seen a few years ago so I was pretty sure to recognize her.  The other…..well…..we in fact stood almost beside each other at the pig, neither of us recognizing the other, apart from thinking oh she looks as if she is waiting for someone.  Well you could say that about almost anyone who is lingering in that area and looking somewhat anxious or hopeful or bewildered or all three.   Happily, it wasn’t long before our 3rd arrived and upon hearing her voice I knew instantly who it was.  We three then exclaimed in mutual recognition and proceeded to adjourn  to Starbucks and talked and talked and talked.  What fun it was.  It is just so nice to meet up with old friends – old now in years but not at heart when we get together.  Friends in younger years but the friendships made firmer as the years pass by.

Here’s another link to a story about Rachel the Pig’s return to the Market after a recent accident.