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A Trial Run October 23, 2011

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In anticipation of participating in a Christmas Craft Show, I have been making a review of what I might offer for sale.  This has become a bittersweet exercise.    It seems a long time since I have had a selling opportunity so this exercise has served as a bit of stock taking.  Hmm……handknit hats, scarves, blankets……handcrochet also…….blankets/crochet and knit.  Handwoven rugs.   Also handwoven table runners.  Oh and some socks as well.  I have a lot of sewing in of ends to put the finishing touches on some of these items. I’ve taken a lot of photos just to have a record of my inventory.   A few pictures to illustrate.

  handwoven rug

  crochet blanket

  butterfly crochet lap rug

  pinwheel blanket – knitted

   handwoven table runners

  handknit hats for all head sizes         

I wish I had had a bigger space and a sunny day and a wide expanse of green grass for my photography session.  Maybe I should spread out a green sheet and try again.

One day last week I met with the quilters group at the local church.  Now that was a real production line.  I was one of the sewers and managed to do the stitching around the edges of 3 queen size quilts.  That effort was very satisfying.  When I finish my part, then the quilts get folded and boxed and sent to a more central organizing body of Lutheran World Relief.  One feels that one’s work will eventually reach a destination where it is needed and appreciated.  Maybe I should try to find something similar for knitting projects.