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A Raccoon Ran……. February 19, 2017

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raccoon Photo credit National Geographic

This morning I caught a glimpse of a raccoon running across my neighbor’s back yard and disappearing into some “things” piled up near his garage.  The raccoon was bigger than a fat cat.

That’s the excitement so far this morning in the view from my seat at my computer.  It topped the sight of 2 flickers and several finches on my deck railing.


Wildlife In The Back Yard (Garden) December 17, 2016

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What a surprise to see a raccoon running along the back fence this morning.

img_1965  This is Katerina investigating where the raccoon was sighted earlier.

raccoon-in-germany  picture of a raccoon in Germany found on Wikipedia – the raccoon I saw this morning looked about this size and color.


Traffic Stopper June 21, 2016

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Coming home today on 65th, a major road near Ballard High School, traffic came to a standstill to let what looked like a family of baby racoons scamper across the road.

baby racoon  I wonder

Then I came on home and was told there was an alien creature outside our bedroom window.

Poor wee mousieIMG_0419

When the cat returned she wondered where her lunch had disappeared to.

So she decided to chase a butterfly.



How Do I Get Anything Done? January 20, 2015

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IMG_5276  Katerina is staging a silent takeover.       I wonder if she has any ideas for starting a blog of her own.  She has had many adventures since she joined our family not so long ago.  She even stayed out all night.  I was so worried.  And very relieved when she reappeared the next morning none the worse for her nocturnal daring.  Was she brave or just having to learn a lesson to come when she is called?  I’m told that dangerous raccoons       raccoon2  lurk out there.  Well, I have had a few sightings of them in our neighborhood but the vet told us Katerina appeared to be pretty feisty and would be well able for any encounter with beasties.  Sometimes raccoons are even kept as pets like this one in the photo.

to be continued