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Is It Really Going to Happen March 24, 2010

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Thanks to Jean who gave me a heads-up about Franklin’s  visit to Seattle, I have now enrolled for his morning workshop at Renaissance Yarns on Sunday.  This is so exciting – the title of this blog indicates my incredulity that this could really happen.   (In case you don’t know, Franklin is usually in Chicago, and up until recently I was in Dublin Ireland and only came to Seattle recently.)  When I discussed the lace history/knitting workshop with Michelle she asked if I were on Ravelry.  I replied that my Ravelry name was Kenilworth.  She asked if that was kennel as in dog kennel.  That gave me a laugh.  I associate the name Kenilworth with the novel by Sir Walter Scott, as studied in high school.  But actually I picked the name because that is the name of my lawn bowling club in Dublin.  Once we got the spelling right, Michelle was able to look up my details on Ravelry and see that I was from Dublin.  All rather fun I thought.

Today I made more progress with the unpacking and started on the kitchen.   The first big box I tackled was very heavy and yielded a mammoth amount of paper and a minuscule number of items.   Such is life.

Now for a few pictures from my rambles around Seattle etc.

  the first bike I test “drove” here in Seattle

  window display for St. Patrick’s Day

  a new pal (don’t tell my cat Slinki in Dublin)

   another crochet blanket in the making

  now I’ve seen everything – a gnome bowling set.  I don’t know the price but the individual gnomes to either side are $15 and on the shelf in the background is a gnome leaning against a stump planter – that’s $30, tempting

  little sparrows and other birds come to feed on my back porch

  the mountain of paper used in the packing of a few plates and  glasses

  yet another crochet blanket project

  I just love this blue house – and there is a big Old English Sheepdog that lolls on the sofa and looks out the picture window at passersby