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Ancestors Who Served In The Revolutionary War July 27, 2016

As I research my genealogy I am finding that most of the men served in the military.  In early days this meant serving in the local militia.  As I come across those who served in the Revolutionary War I will list them here.

Aaron Fitts 1742-1805 was a Private

fd327 revolutionary war icon


Foote Document June 19, 2016

Foote document   Researching my genealogy and reading Nathaniel Philbrick’s latest book about the American Revolutionary War can lead me in all sorts of directions.   This is fascinating.  Waterbury Connecticut to Clinton New York at the very western edge of the American frontier – they were my ancestors.  And really not all that long ago. Brave frontier men and women creating and carving the American dream out of the wilderness.


Tributes To Some Of My Ancestors April 20, 2016

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memorial to rev war soldiers newbury

This memorial is in Newbury Mass.  Now to identify if I am related to any of these fallen soldiers.


A Knapsack April 1, 2016

This is a diversion from my current focus in my genealogy research.  This is the knapsack carried by my 4X Great Grandfather Benjamin Warner in the Revolutionary War.

benjamin warner's knapsack


Soldier In The French And Indian War January 12, 2016

Benjamin Warner II  Icon for Benjamin Warner I who served in the French and Indian War, 1754-63, and the Revolutionary War, 1776-83.

Benjamin Warner I , 1730-1800, was my paternal 4X Great Grandfather

His son, Benjamin Warner II, served in the Revolutionary War.

Benjamin Warner I is buried in Hamden Plains Cemetery, Connecticut

Hamden Plains Cemetery

Hamden Plains Cemetery 2

French_and_indian_war_map French and Indian War Map, from Wikipedia

Benjamin Warner II is buried in Crown Point New York.




Revolutionary War Icons December 1, 2015

In searching my genealogy I’m finding a number of ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War.  Here are a couple of them.

fd327 revolutionary war icon            38d American soldier of 1776


In My Past July 22, 2015

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elizabethbryant   Elizabeth Bryant 1792-1865,  my Great Great Grandmother,  born Elizabeth Thrift in Leesburg Virginia    married Gilman Bryant in 1809 in Ohio     Elizabeth’s father was the Rev. Absalom Thrift, 1760-1821.  He moved his family from Virginia to Ohio in 1808.

William Absolom Thrift came to Knox County, Ohio in 1808. He was a pioneer Baptist minister who preached in Licking , Coshocton, Muskingham & Knox Counties. He was a soldier in the Revolution, entering when he was 16 years old.

The fact that William Thrift fought in the Revolutionary War is of particular interest to me.  I am finding that many of my ancestors supported this cause.  I’ll explore this more in future blog posts.