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Nice Sketch July 29, 2017

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This was Sir Charles Henry Frankland, His Majesty’s Collector of the Port of Boston and, next to his friend, Governor Shirley, he was the most prominent personage in the Mass Bay Colony. This refined and well-bred aristocrat had come to Marblehead to oversee the establishment of coastal defenses at nearby Fort Sewall, and to look into the smuggling that had been carried on boldly. He would See More
 Sir Charles Henry Frankland

Binge Reading April 24, 2017

IMG_3020   Alexander Hamilton – yes I finished it.  A bit slow at times ……but the concluding chapters made it all worth reading.  Now I want the music!


Ancestors Who Served In The Revolutionary War July 27, 2016

As I research my genealogy I am finding that most of the men served in the military.  In early days this meant serving in the local militia.  As I come across those who served in the Revolutionary War I will list them here.

Aaron Fitts 1742-1805 was a Private

fd327 revolutionary war icon


Foote Document June 19, 2016

Foote document   Researching my genealogy and reading Nathaniel Philbrick’s latest book about the American Revolutionary War can lead me in all sorts of directions.   This is fascinating.  Waterbury Connecticut to Clinton New York at the very western edge of the American frontier – they were my ancestors.  And really not all that long ago. Brave frontier men and women creating and carving the American dream out of the wilderness.


Revolutionary War Icons December 1, 2015

In searching my genealogy I’m finding a number of ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War.  Here are a couple of them.

fd327 revolutionary war icon            38d American soldier of 1776


Wedding Anniversaries August 1, 2015

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Here is a bit of trivia from my genealogy – a shared wedding anniversary 200 years apart.

John Friend my 4x Great Grandfather and Sarah Lee Wallace were married on February 10, 1763.

Ian and I were married on February 10, 1968.

   John Friend served in the Revolutionary War.  It seems as if each of my male ancestors whose life spanned the Revolutionary War was a participant on the rebels side.  Young and old alike.  What a rebellious lot.

Maybe I’ll find someone who was on the other side, fighting far from home.  I’ll keep digging.


Searching Through The Records – The Revolutionary War July 26, 2015

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A number of my ancestors served in the Revolutionary War.  One was Capt. Isaac Miller Jr.  He was born in 1708 in Concord/Sudbury Massachusetts.  In 1776 when the first shot was fired, Isaac was there – one of the patriots. .Isaac Miller Jr., Captain – View media – Ancestry    Isaac was almost 70 years old!


Trying to Focus July 7, 2015

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I’m trying to focus on my genealogy project.  The project keeps morphing into something else.  The idea was to focus on my grandparents but I keep getting diverted to ancestors further back.  With Independence Day just a few days ago I’m thinking more and more of those earlier ancestors who were in the thick of it from the first shots on Lexington Common., or was it Concord Bridge.  Further research to follow.            Lexington Monument  Lexington Monument


Carrying on Knitting – In The HEAT July 4, 2015




heat wave 003 More scarves – I don’t know how many there are now.  And the stash seems endless.


Happy Fourth of July



Independence = Revolutionary War     (picture and note are courtesy of Linda, a blogging friend, who is very interested in genealogy and is listing her ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War.  This seems like a good project for me too.  I have already found some who were at the initial Battle of Lexington and Concord.  More of that in future blog posts.

Life is busy – I have lots of ideas for blog posts but am not finding (or making) time to write them up.