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Yes, I’m Still Knitting May 11, 2018

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IMG_1703  brown and green scarf


It’s Time For A Latest Knitting Post October 7, 2017

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IMG_4510  Hats and scarves – green and brown


Unexciting Update On My Knitting September 23, 2017

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IMG_4422  A plain green scarf.  The yarn was easy to work – a joy to knit – and read at the same time.  No apologies.



Two Years Ago January 5, 2017

janet-and-katerina-knitting    I randomly found this photo this morning when I sent birthday wishes to one of my nephews.  I suspect the photo is from 2 years ago.  The clues are the cat (Katerina), the cushions and blankets on the sofa, what I am wearing and the scarf I am knitting.  Katerina is no longer as affectionate.  She tends to find a place at the other end of the sofa.  She is definitely not a lap cat.  I happen to be knitting scarves again 2 years on.  I still have the purple polo neck and wear it often at this time of year   BRR

Here are the latest scarves.  I like purple.      img_2181

And green.


A Beautiful Morning January 1, 2017

A beautiful morning to start the new year 2017.   We had a dusting of snow last night and welcome sunshine this morning.

img_2120  my latest scarf on display

And my favorite bird, the Northern Flicker reappeared for the fist time in about a month

220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia  Northern Flicker



Steller%27s_Jay_b57-3-076_l_1  Steller Jay – ever present

img_2114  and of course a squirrel, entertainment for the cat


A Hap Necklace June 15, 2016

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IMG_0391A necklace – a shawl – a hap

Hand knit by a Norwegian woman on Vashon Island Seattle

Beautiful and very well modeled by a sister student in my Norwegian language class


New Photos January 9, 2016

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IMG_9440  I have a new computer and am learning how to transfer photos from my relatively old camera.  Here is my ever thoughtful cat.

a pensive seagull near Golden Gardens


IMG_9250  empty dish – hint hint


IMG_9282  Night has come

IMG_9584  new scarves and new hat – I knit the scarves but not the hat


Favorite Colour/Color Combination October 13, 2015

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Here is my latest scarf – in a favorite color combiation

Katerina 003    Katerina 004 (a rather grim selfie but I think the scarf is a winner)

and my favorite cat Katerina

Katerina 001 Katerina 002


Array Of Scarves September 16, 2015

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secret garden 033   secret garden 038  Recent knitting


Scarf – New Colour Scheme September 11, 2015

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katerina 009  my latest knitted scarf – scarf no. 58?? – (Approximate number of scarves knitted in the current series).  This is a departure from my usual browns or purples.