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Castles of Scotland March 24, 2018

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c02Drumlanrig Castle  Drumlanrig Castle

6a9dfb47-483c-4117-8cf3-97f35501defd  Borthwick Castle



Vintage Photos of Knitters July 21, 2017

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Knitters - St Kilda Knitters on St Kilda, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

St Kilda woman knitting  St Kilda, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


Family Connections – Castles In Scotland October 11, 2016

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In my genealogy research I am finding several interesting connections.  I’m trying to trace each branch as far as possible.  Right now I’m in the midst of several  17th and 18th GreatGrandparents and I’m finding links to two castles in Scotland, pictured below.

merchiston-castle  Merchiston Castle Tower, Edinburgh, home to the Napier family

wemyss-castle-livingston-family  Wemyss Castle, home to the Livingston Family






Scottish Ancestry August 1, 2016

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Edenburough Castle  Edenborough Castle


Sea Captains In The Family Tree July 24, 2016

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My 14th Great Grandfather Admiral Sir Andrew Wood, 1450-1515.  This is a replica of his ship.

Yellow Caravel Sir Andrew Wood's Ship  Yellow Caravel


The Open 2016 July 16, 2016

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at the OPEN

The Open is in Scotland.  Wish I were there – despite the rain and the wind – after all that’s Scotland isn’t it?  For those who are wondering, this is a golf tournament.  The Wimbledon of golf.


A Hap Necklace June 15, 2016

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IMG_0391A necklace – a shawl – a hap

Hand knit by a Norwegian woman on Vashon Island Seattle

Beautiful and very well modeled by a sister student in my Norwegian language class


My Shetland Neighbor March 9, 2016

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How I wish we had got to know our neighbors better – a  young couple who purchased the new house next to our new and first house in Dublin.  They were from Scotland.  The young husband was a chemist and worked for Guinness.  His wife Jean was a nursery school teacher.  They were expecting their first child.  Jean and I got together occasionally for friendly chats.  What I wish we had chatted about more was KNITTING.  In my eyes she was a master.  I was interested but not as interested as I am now 50 years later.  SHETLAND – a magic word for knitters and knitting history.

A number of years later I met another knitter from Shetland and she brought me up to date on Jean and her husband George and their son wee Gordon – and a subsequent daughter.  The family was living near Inverness.  I wish I had tried harder to get in touch when I had this more current information – but that more current information is now 20 years old.  Alas.

  Me years ago when life was young .  I knit the sweater myself.   Jean was a natural but I’m quite sure I followed a pattern.  Two sons and I are framed in the doorway of our courtyard – where Jean and I would sit and chat.


Scottish Relative Of Katerina? December 26, 2015

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scottish relative of katerina  Christmas cat in East Lothian Scotland (from the internet)

more cat v birds 004  Katerina in Seattle Washington


Found – Another Lady Janet October 10, 2015

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I’m finding more Lairds and Ladies in my Scottish ancestry.  It’s fun,  Buildings, Scotland - Rosyth Castle, Fife - aerial shot  particularly when it’s a Lady Janet.   This is one of Lady Janet’s castles – Forsyth Castle.

Excerpts from Wikipedia…..Rosyth Castle is a fifteenth century ruined tower house ….Fife, Scotland. It originally stood on a small island in the Firth of Forth accessible only at low tide, and dates from around 1450, built as a secure residence by Sir David Stewart, who had been granted the Barony of Rosyth in 1428.

Oops – I think maybe I’m counting this Lady Janet twice.  I’ve somehow discovered her before.