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Birds In My Garden February 21, 2018

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pine-siskin-thistle-feeder-christine-haines-2  Pine siskin  (from Birds & Blooms magazine)

I think this bird has appeared on my deck – along with numerous other little brown birds of various combinations of brown, white, and black -and yellow and red.


Super Moon January 31, 2018

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IMG_5110                 IMG_5114  Early evening in Ballard Seattle January 30 2018


Sightseeing in the Skagit Valley December 31, 2017

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26171658_927409447434169_3069594446595114016_o  Highly recommended,  I went early in December – a wonderful experience.


Before The Rain September 17, 2017

IMG_4390  getting the last of the sun’s rays this morning


Rain Is In The Forecast

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My star in the garden – it has been quietly blooming all summer.  Still going strong while everything else in the garden is shutting down.


Sunset Sky September 13, 2017

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IMG_4327 Sunset clouds – we haven’t seen a sky lie this in a long time – Seattle’s go;den summer!


A Harvest Of Green Tomatoes September 12, 2017

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IMG_4325  slow to ripen


Early September Colors In My Garden September 2, 2017

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IMG_4250          IMG_4251

IMG_4252         IMG_4253

IMG_4254        IMG_4255


Cat Seeking Shade

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IMG_4249  That’s Katerina under the chair in the corner.  Here it is early September and it is still HOT.

IMG_4247  earlier in the morning – look how long the shadows are – the sun is so much lower in the sky compared with July and August


Heat Wave July 31, 2017

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IMG_3968  beating the heat – Katerina finds a shady spot