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Thought For The Day May 29, 2018

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3blue faced leicester lamb  sweet blue face Leicester lamb




Sheep July 18, 2017

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Sheep on Iceland  A sheep in Iceland – (credit to Reykjavik  Excursions)

This sheep looks like a potential Icelandic sweater.

lopi-cardigan-close-up-resized   Icelandic Lopi knitting from long ago

Latest scarf 006   Another Lopi knit       Latest scarf 007



Lavenham Suffolk England March 30, 2016

An English village dating back to the 1400’s.  Lovely.  A center for weaving and the wool trade.  A very wealthy town in its day   Some of my ancestors lived here.  We visited during the late 1990’s and were charmed.

Lavenham_-_The_Crooked_House_-_geograph.org.uk_-_234909  The Crooked House



WWSIP Day September 15, 2009

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wwsipbtn from worldwide spin in public day


WWSIP – World Wide Spin in Public Day is happening on this coming Saturday,  September 19.  Events are being organised all over the world to celebrate the craft of spinning.  I am in the midst of organising a spinning “party” here in Dublin at Airfield Farm.  A number of members and friends of the Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers will be spinning out of doors (weather permitting) or inside a big tent put up for the purpose.  Here are a few pictures from previous events. 

Airfield Woolapalooza 018  Spinning at Airfield


Sheep shearing at Airfield 1  Sheep shearing at Airfield


Airfield Woolapalooza 021  Spinning demonstration


Lambs at Airfield 023  Lambs at Airfield


Soay Sheep January 27, 2008

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Today I am using my blog as a sort of storage/reference system for an interesting article.   For those of you interested in different breeds of sheep, I found this article on the Soay breed very interesting.  The article appeared in the Guardian newspaper January 18th.  I don’t happen to subscribe to the Guardian but the link was given by a member of the Online Guild.


Being a tourist June 27, 2007

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street-sign-to-the-bowling-green.jpg  Street sign to the bowling green

The more I read about the spa town Llandrindod Wells where I went for my lawn bowling week, the more I feel I missed interesting local attractions.  Of course the reason for my trip was to bowl, any sightseeing was a bonus.  Once our team of 3 was knocked out by the English, I was “free”.   But still – all the action was up at the bowling club and I wanted to be a part of it.  It was so fascinating to watch the other matches and I wanted very much to support the other Irish players.  Wearing green was the order of the day! 

Consequently, that left little free time to be a tourist.  I did have one free afternoon when no Irish teams were playing, and I really enjoyed exploring the Radnorshire Museum and the National Cycle Museum

I have now discovered that Llandrindod Wells was very close to Bulith Wells, home of the Royal Welsh Showgrounds and the location of Wonder Wool Wales.  I missed going to the Thomas shop in Penypont, only 5 miles away.  I loved the 2 museums I visited on my one free afternoon and I really didn’t have time to go on these other jaunts that I am only now just discovering.  My only real regret is that I didn’t walk around the town a little bit more and take pictures of the very distinctive Victorian architecture.  I didn’t even take a picture of our hotel, partly because there were workmen blocking the way.  The hotel has received a grant to assist in restoring the building so some of that work was being done.  In time, the orginal elegant front terrace will be restored.

 I would love to go back to this area and explore at leisure.  There really are many photo opportunies.  Next time.


Sheep in the distance June 25, 2007

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           sheep-in-the-distance.jpg  In Wales everywhere I looked there appeared to be sheep in the distance.  This was the view from the Llandrindod Wells Bowling Club.  Look carefully – the sheep don’t show up well in this picture, but believe me, they were there.

rushing-stream.jpg     And then there was the walk to the bowling green.  A walk down a steep hill and across a bridge over a rushing stream.  It was a very rainy week and the stream was quite full.  Very beautiful – it reminded me of New Hampshire.