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My Shetland Neighbor March 9, 2016

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How I wish we had got to know our neighbors better – a  young couple who purchased the new house next to our new and first house in Dublin.  They were from Scotland.  The young husband was a chemist and worked for Guinness.  His wife Jean was a nursery school teacher.  They were expecting their first child.  Jean and I got together occasionally for friendly chats.  What I wish we had chatted about more was KNITTING.  In my eyes she was a master.  I was interested but not as interested as I am now 50 years later.  SHETLAND – a magic word for knitters and knitting history.

A number of years later I met another knitter from Shetland and she brought me up to date on Jean and her husband George and their son wee Gordon – and a subsequent daughter.  The family was living near Inverness.  I wish I had tried harder to get in touch when I had this more current information – but that more current information is now 20 years old.  Alas.

  Me years ago when life was young .  I knit the sweater myself.   Jean was a natural but I’m quite sure I followed a pattern.  Two sons and I are framed in the doorway of our courtyard – where Jean and I would sit and chat.