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An Immigrant Ship April 3, 2016

This a record I found in my genealogy research.

Ship Diligent


Ipswich, Suffolk England to Boston Harbor

Passenger List of the Diligent 1638 Ipswich, Suffolk England to Boston Harbor from: The Planters of the Commonwealth Charles E. Banks, published by Houghton Mifflin Co. (1930), pages 191-194. Charles Banks’ source for the ‘Diligent’ passenger is Daniel Cushing, 3rd and/or 4th Town Clerk of Hingham MA. Daniel Cushing was nineteen years old when the ship sailed, but close to sixty or more when he wrote out the list. Most of the wives are named only as “Mrs.”, the children of some families are not listed and there are also some probable errors in the list. However, the list below is as it appears in Banks’ book. Following the listing are some notes on many of the families from various sources (mainly George Lincoln’s History of the Town of Hingham MA: The Genealogies unless noted otherwise) which name the wives and children and possibly make a correction or two to the list. The blue asterisks following some families names link to notes about them. ——————————————————————————– DILIGENT, of Ipswich, John Martin, Master. She sailed from Ipswich, Suffolk, in June and arrived August 10 at Boston, with about one hundred passengers, principally from Hingham, Norfolk, destined for Hingham, Massachusetts (other sources have that the Diligent sailed from Gravesend on 26 Apr 1638). Rev. ROBERT PECK of Hingham, county Norfolk * Mrs. Peck Anne Peck Joseph Peck JOSEPH PECK of Hingham, county Norfolk * Mrs. Peck EDWARD GILMAN of Hingham, county Norfolk * Mrs. Mary Gilman Edward Gilman Moses Gilman Lydia Gilman