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Tour de France Knit A Long Day 5 July 11, 2007

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tour-de-france-kal-start-of-day-5-smaller-image.jpg  Here is my project as of the start of Day 5.  I keep going round and round and round – looking out our window at the rain and enjoying watching the riders pedaling through Belgium and into France.  Each day has been so exciting with dramatic finishes.  And I finished reading my Patrick O’Brian book (The Letter of Marque) so I am now in the middle of the second Lance Armstrong book Every Second Counts.  It was published in 2003 by the Yellow Jersey Press.  Some of the riders mentioned in the book are prominent riders in this year’s Tour.  I am gradually learning more and more about the rigours of being a Tour rider.  Great stuff.


It’s All Coming Together March 20, 2007

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Green gansey at the base of the yoke  It’s all coming together.  The sleeves are joined to the body of the sweater and I have knit about one inch of the yoke.  I’m dithering between doing raglan decreases and keeping it a plain sweater or doing a continuous yoke with a pattern.  I have to go to the Bray Wool Shop tomorrow to see about possible colours for a pattern.

Today was the day to get my clarinet fixed – disaster happened last Saturday just when I was getting ready to practice.  The long weekend loomed ahead.  I had visions of the problem being unrepairable and being without a clarinet for a while.  No such thing – the man in the shop repaired it in about 30 seconds.  The only time it took was for him to go downstairs to get a screwdriver.

Reading report:  H. V. Morton’s In Search of London, published in 1951.  A wonderful way to read history.  Am psyching myself up to go over to London very soon.  This is a new edition of the book.  Published in the States in 2002.  I spotted it while browsing in Barnes & Noble in Glastonbury.

It’s non-stop World Cricket Cup in this household.  Wonderful excitement that the Irish team is doing so well.  An Post has said anyone can send greetings to the team for free.  Will send them a good luck card.  The messages will be flown out to the Caribbean on Friday morning and delivered to the team hotel by special courier.

News of our cat Slinky Malinki – she has now been released from her 30 days incarceration.  She is cautiously exploring the garden for about 30 seconds several times a day.  She has got quite used to her creature comforts inside, particularly Ian’s favourite chair, and doesn’t seem to be in any great hurry to spend time outside – I don’t blame her – it is very cold here this week.