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A Furry Friend At The Suet Cake February 28, 2018

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At The Water Spot August 29, 2017

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IMG_4223  Katerina enjoying a refreshing drink of water

IMG_4214  Squirrels come too


The Cat Pounced June 7, 2017

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IMG_3381  Katerina eyeing the squirrel – I looked away and next thing I knew the cat was in the air and the squirrel’s tail was out of reach.  What a picture that would have made.  I think they like to taunt each other in an uneasy(?) relationship.


Little Brown Birds January 2, 2017

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I love the little brown birds that come and go from my deck.  They remind me of Kenya and the many trips we made to the game park near Nairobi.  I had a friend who would say “just another little brown job” – disappointing when we were on the lookout for something a bit rarer.

img_2089  Katerina waiting for a “catch”


img_2121  nothing


img_2126  nothing


img_2114  just the ubiquitous squirrel(s)



A Beautiful Morning January 1, 2017

A beautiful morning to start the new year 2017.   We had a dusting of snow last night and welcome sunshine this morning.

img_2120  my latest scarf on display

And my favorite bird, the Northern Flicker reappeared for the fist time in about a month

220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia  Northern Flicker



Steller%27s_Jay_b57-3-076_l_1  Steller Jay – ever present

img_2114  and of course a squirrel, entertainment for the cat


Fall Mist November 4, 2016

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It’s really Fall.  Very foggy here this morning.  I like it!

img_1615           img_1594   my neighbors like autumn too – it’s Halloween!


img_1591              img_0864  Pumpkin carving in Glastonbury Connecticut too.


Mr. Squirrel January 22, 2016

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A wide awake coffee drinking squirrel at The Vermont Country Store.

Friendly squirrel at the Vermont Country Store   Wish we had squirrels like this one with its reddish tail.  Gray tailed squirrels are regular visitors to our deck  – they tease the cat and enjoy nibbling at the suet cakes we put out for the birds.


Winter Sunshine November 29, 2015

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My friend one of the resident squirrels enjoying sunflower seeds – meant for the birds but the squirrels usually get there first.


squirrel 019

Later in the day the birds came but the sunshine was gone.

The cat was watching:       birds 007



Squirrels, Peanuts, And A Cat August 9, 2015

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My visiting squirrels almost always turn up first when I put out peanuts for them on the railing of our deck.


My Friends The Squirrels July 23, 2015

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Every day I put out peanuts for the squirrels and then watch the fun.  Squirrels, Stellar Jays, our cat Katerina all visit the deck.

tomatoes 002   that grey dot on railing is a squirrel with the characteristic fluffy curled tail

tomatoes 009              tomatoes 013        tomatoes 019           tomatoes 033    Katerina watches also

tomatoes 045  Katerina getting ready to attack        tomatoes 027    Katerina has a wash before she joins the fun

As I watch the cat and the squirrels and the birds I can’t help but think of Beatrix Potter and her delightful children’s books and illustrations.

Portrait of British children's author Beatrix Potter (1866 - 1943), 1890s. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images)

Portrait of British children’s author Beatrix Potter (1866 – 1943), 1890s.  (Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images)

beatrix potter images