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Current long term knitting project February 25, 2009

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knitted-strip-one-for-blanket  this is strip one for a knitted blanket.  This is a stash reduction project to say the least.  Each strip will be 60 inches long and 35 stitches wide.  I’m knitting on size 3 3/4 mm needles.  I’m not sure how many strips I’ll have to do but this is going to take a long time.  I’m aiming for a double sized blanket.


Knitting Stash Assessment March 21, 2008

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Like most enthusiastic knitters, I have too much stash – yarn left-over from completed projects, yarn left-over from projects that were never started, yarn which I have acquired just because I liked it but didn’t necessarily have any particular project in mind, and finally yarn which has been given to me. 

stash-assessment-4-resized.jpg  So I set out most of my stash and then I practised my sketching skills

sketch-of-knitting-stash-resized.jpg  In this sketch you can’t see the numbers I have put on each ball or hank of yarn but on my working copy I have numbered each bit and I have a separate list giving the key to the numbering. 

This is proving to be an entertaining exercise.  I have the photo, the numbered sketch, the guidelist of the yarns, a few ideas, and the needles.  Progress should be made.

I no longer feel so overwhelmed by this stash.  I am whittling it down, slowly but surely.  And assessing it systematically in this way is giving me more and more incentive to use it up.  I’m really looking forward to having an “after” photograph.  In the course of all this, I feel compelled to keep knitting bits and pieces for another blanket.  And I have also been thinking of specific projects for some of the larger quantities of specific yarns in the stash.  I still have quite a bit of the self-striping sock yarn – surely enough to make 2 more pairs of socks.  And I have started a Print o’ the Wave lace scarf with some lovely handspun yarn sent to me by Bettina. 

shapes-from-the-stash-early-days-for-hodge-podge-6.jpg here are a few shapes knitted from the stash for the next blanket (hodge podge) number 6

The stash weighs approximately 5 lbs. – let’s see what it weighs in a month’s time – an arbitrary time length but why not.


My Knitting Stash in Disarray November 21, 2007

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my-knitting-stash-in-disarray.jpg This is most of my knitting stash, with my cat in the foreground.  I have had a good time today sorting my stash and trying to put some order to it and adding pictures to Ravelry.  My Ravelry name is Kenilworth if you want to have a closer look at some of the yarn.

Now I want to sit down and finish the sleeves of the Blue Gansey so that I can get going on the yoke – the end will be in sight when I start those shoulder decreases on the yoke.


A Knitted Ferrari November 3, 2007

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I have been listening to a very interesting clip from a BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour programme.  It was an interview with a knitter who knit a Ferrari – have a look and a listen.

Now to news of my knitting projects.       pink-and-yellow-scarf-finished.jpg  Pink and yellow scarf finished

eccentric-blanket-finished.jpg  Eccentric blanket finished

Now for the final day at the Knitting & Stitching Show tomorrow and then I’ll blog about that.


Looking at my stash is getting less scary October 22, 2007

When the family came to visit in August, I carefully tidied away my stash – then it started all tumbling out of the cupboards- and it was scary!  But since then I have plodded away at the eccentric blanket and feel that I have taken somewhat of a chunk out of that stash pile.      pastoral-visit-024.jpg  Now I am working on the I-cord border.

My other current knitting project is pretty simple – just a stockinette knit scarf – here it is to date


 This past weekend was a very musical one with two days of recorder playing.  It was the occasion of the annual pastoral visit to the Irish Branch of the Society of Recorder Players.  This year our guest conductor was Helen Hooker from Chichester in England.  This isn’t the greatest of pictures but……..  

helen-hooker-leading-the-srp-irish-branch.jpg  The weekend was similar to the Termonfeckin week in August. 

 Here is a much better picture of music making during that week.      termonfeckin-one-of-the-playing-sessions.jpg


Are we still a village? October 11, 2007

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 crane-reaching-for-the-sky.jpg  I’ve lived in this part of Dublin for almost 40 years and seen many changes.  The past few years have seen the most dramatic changes of all with the building of a very large new Town Centre, along the lines of an American style shopping mall.  The cranes are still here and the construction continues.  I walked down to the “village” yesterday and wondered to myself if, in fact, we still were a village.  The Town Centre was a buzz – very very noisy and one just feels hyped shortly after entering the automatic doors.  I did a bit of shopping and then had a cup of coffee and read a magazine in a completely interior Starbucks.  (More on that another time)  I was relieved to emerge into the open air again.  It was such a nice afternoon – why had I chosen to have my coffee in that den of an artificially lit and  noisy Starbucks?

 Then the walk back up the hill.  I had met several friends, old and new, en route down to the Town Centre and within the Town Centre itself.  Then on the way back up the hill I saw a friend having a driving lesson – we each smiled and waved – am not sure a learner driver is supposed to do that in the middle of a lesson as she is trying to get out onto the main road.  But having met all these friends in the course of my afternoon, I decided that yes, we are still a village, even though the built-up environment has been altered so drastically.

Now a couple of photos of the knitting project which I just completed and also a current weaving project:

 pink-baby-thing-finished.jpg Pink baby thing finished, knit mostly with Liz Lovick’s North Ronaldsay hand dyed yarn, only a small amount of Jamieson’s DK was used to finish the top.

close-up-of-card-weaving.jpg  Close up of card weaving.  This is one of my projects for the Knitting and Stitching Show, which is coming to Dublin early in November.


Finding interesting books October 10, 2007

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I am prompted today to blog about a couple of books I found in Magus 2nd hand bookstore in the University District in Seattle.  This is one of my favourite stores and I was not to be disappointed on my latest trip.  I headed straight for the craft book section – no knitting treasures this time but I found a couple of rather obscure weaving books.     weaving-books-from-magus.jpg  The book about Navajo weavers is actually a reproduction of an article written in 1884 for the Smithsonian Institution Bureau of Ethnology.  And the book about Finger Weaving is one which I have borrowed many times from our local library.  These 2 books cost the grand total of $7.  I’m delighted.

Two other interesting books “discovered” recently were new. 

airplane-reading.jpg  Water for Elephants was passed on to me by my daughter-in-law in Connecticut.  And Breaking Clean was purchased in Barnes & Noble in Glastonbury.  Reading these books made the time pass in a hurry as I flew back and forth across North America.

And finally to report on my current knitting project, called the pink baby thing.   pink-baby-thing-moves-along.jpg  It is moving right along and hopefully will be finished by Saturday in time to take to Kilternan Market for an eager customer.