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Hard Graft December 31, 2010

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When I should have been writing Christmas greetings, I turned instead to a morning of finishing off a couple of knitting projects.  I spent the morning GRAFTING the shoulder seams of 2 sleeveless tops.  That was a new skill learned and it took several hours of concentrated effort.  I decided to leave my contrasting stitch holder threads as some sort of fashion statement. ( They don’t show up in these photos.)

  Tank top – green+

  tank top – black and whitesockwolle+

Hooray.  These are finished.  Now I have moved on to knitting the sweater for Ian – I’m halfway up the front and feeling bored with all that plain brown knitting.  So I’ve started what I think will be a scarf.  Three of the yarns are lurking there at the left hand side of the picture above – a self-patterning sock yarn, a mustard colour Norwegian yarn, and a baby blue yarn gifted to me by grandaughter Ashley who found it in a shop in LaConor.   My base yarn is the self-patterning sock yarn and then I use another strand of yarn with that.   Last night I broke off the mustard colour and used a bright cranberry colour yarn, and then broke that off in favour of a baby blue.  The colour combinations are emerging.  I guess this is what I like to do best.  All this while we watched a very good dvd – The Bridge of San Luis Rey based on the novel by Thornton Wilder and starring Robert de Niro.  I read that book years and years ago – wasn’t it required reading for anyone who reached high school?


The Blanket and the Stash May 18, 2010

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  this is my current knitting project – a blanket, hopefully a big blanket.  Progress to date is approx. 16 inches.  The blanket is 34 inches wide (160 sts).  I’m using a size 4.5 mm circular needle (bamboo tips), 75 cm long.  I’m using one strand of the blue and white yarn you see on the right and one strand of a colour from the stash.

I’m using yarn from the stash here in Dublin.  That’s mainly yarn sent to me for the tapestry I was going to make for the Guild Exhibition supplemented by yarn purchased for other projects.   Today I went in to town to This Is Knit to get more supplies – I wanted to get yellow and I ended up with orange and a very bright yellow from Uruguay.

 stash before the trip to town

stash after the trip to town

To change the subject, on my walk down the hill to get the LUAS I passed the following display of litter

Fly tipping urban style.  Are the people who live in the houses nearby supposed to pick up the bags and put them in their black wheelies and pay for the extra weight thereby incurred?  (Here in Dublin we pay for rubbish disposal by weight.)  What is the mentality of people who are leaving their rubbish like this?  I feel incensed enough to write a letter to the editor.


Believe It Or Not March 9, 2010

Believe it or not – I think the repairs have been completed – at 12:47 p.m Pacific Standard Time March 8.  I have been unpacking since I arrived here 2 months ago but as you know, my unpacking has been very restricted.  Now I can really spread out and all those things I carried upstairs are now being shifted downstairs and vice versa – well, that is a bit of an exaggeration but I think you get the picture.  I’ve made sketches of each of the rooms and allocated areas for book cases or whatever.  All my yarn supplies are lining the upstairs hallway.  Textile and art books go to one of the bedrooms.  Archival photos to another.  Ian’s books get prime of place in the living room etc.  All you readers are saying “eek” but it really is quite enjoyable to feel that some degree of order is beginning to emerge.  Pity that my shoulders are aching so much but maybe that’s from the knitting and  crocheting I do during my breaks.  Hunching over the computer doesn’t help either.  Not to mention carrying a backpack with my knitting and a hardback Henning Mankell book and various notebooks, etc.  Why do I feel compelled to carry so much stuff??

  the bin men came today and yet again they took all the cardboard boxes – I was so pleased.  There are only a few left for next week.

  Blanket no. 9, work in progress

  crochet blanket, a stash project – it doesn’t look great at the moment but I think it will be fine

  the new dishwasher was installed today – the black is quite a contrast.  I’m not sure I like it but I’m sure I will get used to it.  And so long as there are NO LEAKS, it will be fine.

  the kitchen table and chairs are in place.  That kitchen table is a gift and there are 2 leaves so we can expand it for family gatherings etc.

  and this was absolutely riveting.  I kept retreating to quiet corners to read it over the weekend.


Stash Knitting Statistics January 2, 2010

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Looking at my stash and thinking about those various wonderful colours that I’m using to make the blankets

   Stash remaining

As an approximation, there are 9 balls of wool at 100 grams, and 26 balls of wool at 50 grams.  The 100 gram balls are approximately 420 metres each, and the 50 gram balls are 210 metres each.  This makes a total of 9240 metres.  One mile = 609.34 metres.  So if you stretched out the yarns in my stash they would measure approximately 13 1/3 miles.  That’s a lot of knitting.   Imagine stretching out the yarn to have it showing a path from my house to the centre of Dublin and back again – that would be about the distance.  I would start knitting at my front door and walk along knitting, knitting, knitting until I got to Grafton Street, then I would turn around and knit my way back home. 

While I’ve been knitting the blankets shown above, I read this book, The End of Sleep by Rowan Somerville.  A new author for me – and a very good one.  The author is Irish and the book is mostly about Arab culture and Cairo Egypt.  I also enjoyed a couple of other novels about Arab culture.  These books by an Egyptian author,  Alaa Al Aswany’s The Yacoubian Building and Chicago, both recent best sellers.


Identification Parade December 22, 2009

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  My stash – December 22 2009

It’s time to pack my stash – so I’m going to identify the various yarns before I forget.  I have been using these yarns to knit the panels/blankets.  Once I’ve taken the label off the yarn I tend to promptly forget the manufacturer, despite always saving the labels.  So this is an aide memoir.

Rows 1 and 2 – The 4 skeins of brown alpaca in the front of the picture is from an alpaca farm, Alpacas of Ireland,  in County Kildare.  The yarn was generously given to me by a friend in our Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers.  This yarn is the base yarn for my current project, i.e. I will use one strand of brown alpaca throughout and the 2nd strand will be something else.       

Row 3 – The blue and green yarn on the left in Row 2 is 100g of Mirage, 50% wool, 50% premium acrylic, approx. 343 yards, 312 metres, King Cole Ltd.,purchased in The Wool Shop, Bangor Northern Ireland

The 2 balls of green yarn are Lodband Einband, Made in Iceland, Icelandic Textiles Ltd., 50 g, 225 m, pure new wool, purchased from The Yarn Room, Dun Laoghaire People’s Market and Ashford County Wicklow

  The Yarn Room in Ashford

The 3rd ball of green yarn is Lang Yarns, Jawoll, Superwash, 75% new wool, 18% nylon, 7% acrylic, 50 g, 210 m, Lang & Co., Switzerland, purchased from The Yarn Room

The ball of white yarn is Lodband Einband, the remainder of a 50 g ball, purchased from the Yarn Room

The 2 balls of purple yarn – I’m not sure how long I’ve had these or where they came from, they are wool.  I used to have a lot of this yarn but have gradually used it in projects, these 2 balls are all that remain.  I used some of the yarn in this blanket.      

Row 4  – The blue yarn is Einband.

The dark red yarn is all that remains of a skein used in my last project     

The light green yarn is Lang Yarns, Lawoll

Moving to the right, there are 2 balls of white Nature Spun yarn and 1 ball of Einband.

Finally, a ball of bright purple, Nature Spun

Row 5 –The blue yarn is Nature Spun Fingering Weight, 100% wool, 50 g, 310 yards, 283 m, gauge 7 sts. per inch, needle size 3, Brown Sheep Company, made in U.S.A., Mitchell, Nebraska, purchased from This is Knit, Powerscourt Town House, Dublin.  There is quite a bit of this blue in my first blanket.     

2 balls of bright red Nature Spun

1 red and grey ball of Admiral R Druck, Schoppel Wolle, Made in Germany, 75% Schurwolle, 25% Polyamid, 100 g , 420 m

1 ball of red and blue and green Superba Inca, 4 fadig, 785% superwash new wool, 25% polyamid, Rico Design

1 ball of red and blue and white yarn

1 ball of brown Lodband Einband

Row 6 – 1 ball of bright blue Nature Spun

2 balls of Admiral R Druck Schoppel Wolle, irregular stripes, green and brown and lt. bluebeing used in my current blanket        

1 ball of Admiral R Druck Schoppel Wolle, irregular stripes, white and brown and blue

2 balls of brown and white Opal, Made in Germany, Tutto Wolfgang Zwerger

1 ball of brown Lodband Einband

  More stash, being used in current project -1 ball of  Admiral R Druck and 2 balls of Lang Yarns