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Gone But Not Forgotten March 5, 2015

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Our favorite drugstore on 22nd Ave. NW here in Ballard Seattle is now a thing of the past.  Alas.  BARTELLS.  There are other Bartells, it is a big chain.  But the one on 20th was our favorite.  Such a central location.  Right across from the library.  Near the bank.  Near several good coffee shops.  Free parking for Bartells customers.  Near a postbox.  Not far from the book store and also our favorite Indian restaurant.  Friendly staff, well known to regular customers.   Extensive stock.

IMG_6070  view from JoAnns looking toward the library – just a vacant plot, lots of rubble

The Bartell building has been completely torn down.  The plan is to build a new 4 (?) story building and Bartells as we know it will return to occupy the ground floor.  The prescription/pharmacy part of the 22nd ave Bartells has relocated to space 2 blocks away on 24th.  It’s not the same.  Go to other branches of Bartells for our prescriptions?  It wouldn’t be the same.  Oh well – 1 1/2 years to wait while the new building is built.