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My Great Grandfather X Ten January 3, 2017

brettenham-church-suffolk  Brettenham Church Suffolk England

My 10th Great Grandfather, Henry Kembold II, 1510-1558, probably attended this church in Suffolk England.


St Andrews Winston Suffolk England December 1, 2016


Associated with my 11th Great Grandfather Thomas Blower Sr  born 1555 died 1597


Lavenham Suffolk England March 30, 2016

An English village dating back to the 1400’s.  Lovely.  A center for weaving and the wool trade.  A very wealthy town in its day   Some of my ancestors lived here.  We visited during the late 1990’s and were charmed.

Lavenham_-_The_Crooked_House_-_geograph.org.uk_-_234909  The Crooked House



Butley – an early bit of genealogy May 3, 2015

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Locksands Life

Butley is a little village in Suffolk. My Great Granny was born there although for reasons unknown she left and moved to Isfield in Sussex. So, too, did two of her sisters. In fact pretty well the whole family – surname Crosby – left Butley during the second half of the nineteenth century.

My dad took his mum to Butley at some point in the 60s and I have, somewhere, a photo of Granny standing by the school that her mum had attended. I must find it.

My first visit was another thirty years on in 1996. My wife and I camped in Suffolk and on one occasion we took our daughter and niece to the village. I photographed the school too.


It was before my own journey into genealogy, but I always had interest and I recorded a name on the list of local men who had served in…

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