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16 Year Old Weaver Arrested October 29, 2009

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This morning, reading about the Suffragettes , I found the following information:

In March 1907, a 16-year-old Huddersfield weaver named Dora Thewlis was arrested.  The sensational photograph of the arrest was later turned into a picture postcard – wouldn’t this be a nice one for my collection.      thewlis-postcard-s arrest of 16 year old weaver

And I like the cover picture from a 1974 issue of The Radio Times of 3 of the Suffragettes in later life.

radio-times picture of suffragettes

And here’s another old postcard that I read about today.

gigi_olympics_postcard sent to Strath's great great grandmother in 1922  This is from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.  Written in 1922.  And the accompanying blurb is to be found here.